5 Ways to Relax on Your Summer Vacation by Peter Minkoff

Not much can compare to the first days of summer vacation. The little bit of freedom that always leaves a taste for more and the memories of how it used to be in some earlier, more carefree times. You want to cram a lot of fun and exciting times in those oh-so-few vacation days, but you also want to rest and lazy about. It must be the summer that brings out the paradoxical in you!


Probably the first thing you have to do if you plan to really rest up. It might sound over the top, but try surviving for a few days without any online activity. See how things change and how more relaxed your life gets. If you still want to be online and enjoy the benefits of social networks, at least try leaving your phone in your room and only use it in the evening and in the morning. Not only will you be free from the internet for the most of the day, but you will have a lot more to see and read without touching your phone for the whole day!


This is a must. Staycations are fine, but you cannot really feel rested until you’ve gotten away from the worries of everyday life for a few days. Book that trip you’ve always dreamed about, or just go to your local resort. Find a nice little town where gambling is legal. Go and spend 7 days in a forest with just your tent and a blanket. Climb a mountain or go spellunking. Do anything, just don’t stay at home for those precious few days of summer you managed to organize for your vacation.


Perhaps you don’t think yourself an awesome cook and that is fine. However, unleashing your inner chef is really a great summer activity. Something simple as a barbicue party in your backyard will do the trick of course, but you can always look up something both simple and exotic and surprise yourself, your family or your friends. Who knows, perhaps there is a hidden genius lying in wait, ready to take on the world of cooking. If they say that everyone has a book in them, I’m sure it would be true for an awesome pecan pie or marinated steak as well.

Try new things

While you are at your chosen place of paradise, make sure to give a try to all those fun activities you can do wherever you are. If you are on a Myrtle Beach vacation (which is certainly a good choice), perhaps paragliding it’s finally time to be the weird paragliding guy everyone on the beach will be looking at. Parasailing is a nice way to capture the power of the wind and the sea. If you have never tried diving, perhaps it’s time to get some scuba diving equipment and plunge deep into the peaceful blue of the sea. Whatever you do, don’t be one of those people who only burn in the sun all day and go back to their all-inclusive accommodation to eat and drink what they paid for.


In between all those lovely physical activities, remember that summer vacation is an awesome time to finally read all those great books you have been gathering the whole year. Perhaps you’re looking to improve yourself, get some new knowledge that you could benefit from at your work or simply reading whatever new thriler that is making the headlines – it doesn’t really matter. Reading is good for you in so many ways – but it is the best in taking you places without travelling. So, if you have