5 Tips for Throwing a Killer Bachelor Party by Peter Minkoff

What do you do when your best bro is getting married? You throw him a killer bachelor party and save no expense! If you want to be the friend your soon-to-be-married buddy deserves, here’s how to surprise him with an unforgettable stag party.

Have a guy’s trip

If you really want to have a legendary bachelor party, why not go somewhere? No matter where you end up, you’re bound to come home with a bag of wild stories you will rave about until you’re all old and wrinkly. However, before you decide on a location, keep in mind what your guest-of-honor likes: Is your groom nature or a city guy? Would he prefer the north of Europe, for an example a stag weekend in Riga, or in the south, a weekend in Barcelona?  Does he love to chill surrounded by luxury or prefer to hike and camp? If he a party animal or a guy who prefers the company of close friends? You can also consult with the rest of your invitees and you’ll surely come up with something that’s to your man-of-the-hour’s liking.

Provide plenty of drinks

If you want to stay away from boring bars and pubs and organize something more private and off the rails, you’ll need to stock up on plenty of alcohol. Think wine, top-shelf whiskey, some cocktails and plenty of beer. Beer is great if you’re having an all-day-all-night affair because it will keep you nicely buzzed yet not wasted. However, if you know your groom is an avid beer drinker, make sure to ditch Bud Light and buy craft beer online that will satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates. No matter if you prefer bottled or canned beer, you can find amazing crafts to surprise the groom.

Come up with plenty of activities

A bachelor party is the best time to do something super fun and extreme, so make sure to come up with plenty of activities that will get your blood pumping! No matter where you live and no matter which destination you chose, there are always some adventures to experience. From paintball to helicopter rides, surprise the star-of-the-evening with something truly unforgettable. It’s a rite of passage he has to go through. You can even throw in some adult entertainment like visiting a strip club (watch the etiquette) or hiring nude waitresses or waiters. Your bestie is getting hitched, so make sure to treat him with something wild for the road—he won’t be able to see anyone naked but his spouse for the rest of his life!

Have some downtime

Before the main party, make sure to give everyone some time to relax and clean up. Wash up, rehydrate and regroup for a game of poker with the boys, smoke some cigars or legal weed and sip on top-shelf drinks! This will give you time to recuperate, spend some quality time together and bond. Just because you’re guys it doesn’t mean you can’t have honest conversations and show your feeling. First of all, there’s nothing sexier than a real man with feelings. Second of all, what happens at a bachelor party stays at a bachelor party so feel free to unburden!

Make sure to document the affair

Yeah, no one will forget this bachelor party any time soon, but in case there are friends who can be with you, it’s a great idea to document your crazy night. Take plenty of photos and videos, edit them after the party and you’ll have a souvenir all of you will cherish for life.
Now that you organized the perfect bachelor party, you only have one task left to do: Make sure your friend doesn’t pass out from alcohol. You want him to remember this magical night for the rest of his life, so feed him and hydrate him often. That’s what best friends do—take care of each other and organize unforgettable stag parties! NOW GO CRAZY AND GO STUPID!