5 Tips for Making Your Youtube Videos Stand Out by Samantha Higgins


YouTube is among the world’s most popular websites for sharing video content. Seeking to stand out on this mighty platform can seem like a drop falling in an endless sea, let alone rise to the top. Nonetheless, there seems to be no shortage of absolute beginners on YouTube who end up making a killing on the website on any given day. The difference between success and failure of videos and one’s channel on YouTube largely boils down to a few key factors.

Video Thumbnail

The first of these key factors is the video thumbnail. Prior to anyone actually clicking on the video to see its contents, one must first behold the visual of the icon in the search results or YouTube channel. This, therefore, presents a gateway that can attract new viewers. Using a green screen to create a very bright and colorful display is one way to do this, but for beginning channels, a few succinct words of letters in big and bold text are usually the best way to go. Top Guide to Check Out: 13 Best YouTube Video Promotion Services

Brand Editing

The second key factor is brand editing. Another way of looking at this is consistency. Making your videos with the same style of editing ensures that viewers can engage in pattern recognition and be able to sense your style even before knowing that your name is behind the video. Here you can take help from Ben Clayton at Double Jump Media who will help you in the best possible way Keeping the font and color used in your videos the same for all of them, yet distinct from those of other content creators can allow you to maintain brand consistency while standing out from the crowd. Viewers who end up liking your particular style will end up coming back to your channel for more. Using editing techniques such as software to speed up a video online or add striking visual effects can also help make videos stand out.

Consistent Descriptions

The third key factor is the style of description. Much like brand and editing style, using the same style of describing videos is important because it creates familiarity and a sense of identity, which in turn attracts more viewers. It also shows that the video content will be what is expected based on the title and not be misleading. Another method is to match descriptions to titles, and in turn match these to expected search results, while hooking viewers in compellingly. Furthermore, consistency in description style and title will make viewers more inclined to watch multiple videos as an interrelated series, thus generating more views.

Utilizing Other Platforms

The fourth key factor is to utilize other social media and content sharing platforms in conjunction with YouTube. A way of doing this would be to share links to your videos or channel on other platforms or provide links to them at the end or beginning of YouTube videos or somewhere in your channel or descriptions. This helps give a wider outreach and showcase a wider online presence, which in turn can lead to greater perceived legitimacy and therefore more views. Different platforms also have different strengths and weaknesses that can be worked with or around for a synergistic output greater than what one platform alone could generate.

Filling the Holes

The fifth and final key factor is a technique known as „filling the holes“. Most YouTubers may be tempted to aim for making a niche among the big titles that already have a huge search volume and lots of attention, in the process completely ignoring the many unsung topics with little to no search volume nor relevant videos made about them. These „holes“ or „gateways“ present opportunities to dominate and be first in the subject matter, giving you a distinct advantage. Furthermore, „gateway videos“ might also be compelling to viewers already accustomed to seeing countless videos on similar popular subjects who may be looking for something a bit different off the beaten path, which can lead to a niche following other creators cannot dislodge or enter easily.

Making a splash in the sea of video content that is YouTube can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to remember that this sea contains many little uninhabited islands just waiting to be found. Furthermore, using the simple yet effective strategies mentioned previously can help you avoid the usual pitfalls and enable you to navigate the online world with confidence and carve out a name and niche for yourself in due time.