5 Reasons To Add Cannabis To Your Workout Schedule by Crystal Wilson

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Are fitness enthusiasts around talking about adding cannabis to their workout regime? Do you wonder if you can benefit from combining the two? If you are here, it is safe to say that you are still looking for these answers.

The fitness and health industry is continually growing and evolving today. The latest trend that has taken the industry by storm is incorporating the cannabis plant to the workout schedule. It can offer innumerable benefits to a fitness enthusiast. Read on to know everything about using the herb with your exercise regime.

All you must know about cannabis:

Do you know what cannabis is? If not, let’s find out. The cannabis plant originated centuries ago in the South-Asian subcontinent, although it is now available and in use all around the globe. While the plant is infamous for its psychoactive properties, or mind-altering high as you may know it, the history and benefits of medicinal cannabis are numerous and varied.

While people have been smoking up the leaves of this plant to enjoy the high, there are many new ways to consume it. You can try using electronic vaporizers, directly consume the buds or leaves, or even try edibles and topicals infused with cannabis. Edibles in Canada are gaining popularity, given the discretion and effectiveness they offer.

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Five reasons to use cannabis with a workout:

Cannabis has emerged as a popular health supplement, especially among gym enthusiasts and fitness lovers. Here are five reasons for combining cannabis with exercising:

1. May help combat pain:

Having a strenuous workout can take a toll on your body, leading to pain and discomfort. Suffering from excruciating pain can not only hinder your workout but also affect your overall progress. While some athletes resort to painkillers to deal with the pain, it can come with a whole set of side-effects.

Here, cannabis can be a natural way to treat pain. The cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, like CBD and THC, can interact with the endocannabinoid system in your body to help relieve you of the pain. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating bodily functions – including your mood and feelings. It produces neurotransmitters (cannabinoids) that interact with receptors present in your body to alter how you feel.

When you use cannabis, the cannabinoids you ingest are identical to the ones produced by your body. They can communicate with the receptors to reduce pain and inflammation naturally.

2. Aids muscle recovery:

Muscle soreness is part and parcel of every fitness enthusiast’s life. It is natural for you to feel soreness in muscles after a rigorous workout session. It is also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS and happens due to the lack of oxygen in veins.

Another benefit of using cannabis while exercising is that it can help your muscles recover after a tiring day. The cannabinoids present in cannabis, especially CBD, is known to work as a muscle relaxant. It can help release the tension from your arteries and improve the flow of blood. Due to this, the muscles get more oxygen, and it prevents soreness. Moreover, CBD tends to stay in your body for a while, and it can alleviate discomfort or stiffness long after you’re done with the workout.

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3. Can reduce performance anxiety:

A majority of people feel anxious before performing, whether it is for a competition or just a regular workout. Do you feel added pressure or stress before your workout? If yes, then cannabis can come to your aid.

Cannabis is known for being a natural anti-anxiety agent. THC can help relax your mind and mind to help ease you before the workout. Similarly, CBD is a relaxant that can combat the generalized anxiety disorder symptoms and help you perform better.

4. May boost energy:

It is impossible to go through a workout without having the energy to make it happen. If you are low on energy, cannabis can be your ideal workout partner. The stimulating effects of the cannabinoid THC can be responsible for making that happen. THC induces a state of euphoria and you tend to enjoy the activities more. So, even if you’re working out, you’ll enjoy it more and continue doing it for longer when you are in the state of euphoria.

Besides that, CBD can also boost your appetite and increases your metabolism rate to ensure you have sufficient energy levels for your workout.

5. Might improve focus:

While exercising, you need a healthy body and mind, along with coordination between the two. Your brain and muscles must work together to reach the desired workout goals while reducing the chances of injury. If you lack focus while exercising, you can try cannabis for it.

Using cannabis may improve mental focus, enhance the cognition, and also heighten all your senses. It can help get you into a zone of deep concentration and improve your performance.

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Final Thoughts:

Whether you are a seasoned bodybuilder or just someone who wants to get fit, cannabis can be the ideal health supplement. Being purely organic, it can help you optimize your workout schedule and make the most of it. From pain to soreness, anxiety to focus, there are innumerable benefits of adding cannabis to your workout schedule. If you are wondering about using cannabis for better workouts, get it today!