5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gym Dudes by Peter Minkoff

Buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a workout enthusiast can be quite easy. As long as you get him something that will make his gym sessions and home workouts easier, more effective and stylish, you’ll be a-okay! However, if you’re not a gym lover as well, knowing where to start your shopping can be a bit tricky. So, here are a few fail-proof ideas that will make your gym dude very happy.

New workout attire

Some gym lovers don’t care what they wear to the gym and will grab the first thing that comes to their hand. But, if you surprise them with some quality workout gear, they will forget all about baggy t-shirts and worn-out shorts. Specialized athletic clothing with sweat-wicking materials will make his every workout much more comfortable and stylish. Check out brands like Under Armour, 2XU or Vuori and you’ll find a wide variety of men’s workout clothing for all types of athletic guys from runners to weightlifters, from minimalists to bold style lovers.

Novelty workout equipment

If your favorite exercise freak loves to skip the gym from time to time and have a good home workout, grab him a piece of workout equipment. For instance, the Iron Gym pull up bar will allow him to do everything from pull-ups and dips to pushups and situps without doing any modifications in the house. This bar can be installed to any doorway and can be easily removed for various floor exercises. On the other hand, if you know your man loves to keep fit while traveling, surprise him with a set of travel dumbbells, a jump rope or resistance bands that will allow him to keep up with his workout routine even when away from home.

Healthy food delivery

The worst thing for many fitness enthusiasts is not sweating it out at the gym, but eating clean when they come back home. So, if you know your gym dude struggles with healthy eating, you can surprise him with a practical food delivery gift. This way, he’ll have delicious fitness meals delivered straight to his doorstep, ready for heating and munching. There are meals designed for fat loss, muscle tone, muscle gain and lean muscle development, so no matter what his goal is, he’ll have a much easier time reaching it.

A new gym bag

This is a must for all gym rats. A quality gym bag will make it very easy to organize all of his pre- and post-workout shakes, clothing, towels, hygiene products, accessories and other gym necessities. Plus, it will make him feel like a champ ready to slay his workout. Duffel bags are always a good choice, but if he loves to bike to the gym, a backpack is a better solution since it won’t get in the way. On the other hand, you can grab him a practical belt bag that will come in super handy during his outdoor runs. These are big enough to fit all his necessities, yet small enough not to feel restrictive and bulky.

Workout headphones

A good pair of gym headphones is a great gift for any gym goer. Most regular earbuds can’t handle extensive movement and they tend to fall out which can be super annoying. But, specially designed workout headphones have a piece that straps around the ears that keeps them on even during the most vigorous runs and CrossFit routines. Plus, most are water-resistant and sweat-proof. If he loves to workout at home, a nice Bluetooth speaker will allow him to blast his fave tunes and make his workouts a bit easier.
Each and every one of these gifts will delight your workout-obsessed Valentine, so pick out something that fits his style and soak up that gorgeous smile on his face once he unwraps his present.