5 Ideal Jobs To Avoid the Heat by Paisley Hansen

Photo by Tim Douglas from Pexels

Individuals often take multiple factors into consideration when determining their ideal job. Proper education, experience and skillset can ease the ability to complete job related responsibilities, while financial compensation and benefits might provide an increase in one’s income and standard of living. Despite the appeal of certain career opportunities, obtaining such jobs may not be as feasible or practical dependent upon one’s physical or geographical location. Environmental factors play an important role when deciding what type of job to seek out. Increasing temperatures and heat waves may draw individuals towards indoor jobs with adequate air conditioning and cover from the natural elements.

Restaurant Host

A restaurant host or hostess position might be a great fit for those that have an outgoing and charismatic personality. Often stationed indoors or near entryways, individuals that hold these jobs are responsible for tasks related to greeting patrons, making dining reservations, organizing seating arrangements and guiding guests. Restaurant hosts are not usually expected to perform labor intensive duties nor are they subjected to any grueling weather conditions. With the exception of restaurants that solely provide outdoor seating, many restaurants are equipped with air conditioning systems, fans and misters; this allows the host to remain in a temperature-controlled environment.

Court Reporter

The duties of a court reporter primarily take place within a legal setting such as a courtroom or law office. Individuals that act in such a capacity are required to have a keen sense of hearing, ability to type at a fast rate and accurately and audibly read back any previously recorded information. Viewed as a sedentary job, court reporters are not expected to perform physically strenuous duties or work in any unsafe or hazardous conditions; these individuals work within well-lit and cooled buildings and are often met with any necessary working accommodations. A strong interest in legal proceedings may help court reporters Tampa in successfully developing a meaningful career.

Office Receptionist

Office receptionists exhibit exceptional time management and organizational skills. Employees of this nature may spend the majority of their time answering phone calls, greeting guests, tracking outgoing and incoming deliveries, ordering supplies and putting together company information pamphlets. Individuals that perform such duties are often situated within the lobby or waiting area of a building. Given that the daily responsibilities of an office receptionist heavily rely on strong internet and cable connection, these individuals often remain in an air-conditioned area.

Daycare Worker

Daycares can be an excellent place for those individuals that enjoy working with and looking after children. Whether they are infants, toddlers or young children, there are a plethora of fun and engaging activities to partake in. Due to the fact that young children are at higher risk for developing heat related illnesses such as heat stroke and sunburn, a daycare worker can anticipate that a large portion of their day will be spent indoors when outside temperatures become too extreme. Individuals working in such capacities should be able to expect comfortable working conditions.


People of all ages may require tutoring at some point in their lives. School-aged children requiring help with a specific subject matter, young adults looking to receive a degree in higher education or individuals looking to learn a new language are some of the many situations in which the services of a tutor may be required. Individuals that enjoy working closely with others, desire a flexible work schedule and want to set their own level of pay can benefit from becoming a tutor. Tutoring is very student based and can therefore take place in a location that is conducive to the person being tutored. Classrooms, libraries and homes are all common places where a tutoring session may occur; generally speaking, it is expected that these facilities will be maintained at a comfortable air temperature and have proper ventilation systems.

Individuals are presented with an array of job opportunities that can minimize or eliminate their exposure to any excessive outdoor heat. Identifying one’s interests and skills can assist in determining what jobs may adequately suit their needs.