5 Haute Home Decor Ideas for Fashion Lovers by Cooper Klein

Are you a monthly subscriber for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle? Do you wait for every new season’s fashion trends on the tip of your toes? Are you absolutely cray-cray for fashion? If the answer to at least two of these questions is positive, it’s high time you finally decorate your house according to your impeccable taste in fashion. It seems unfair that a fashion freak such as yourself lives in a house that fails to reflect the nature of its tenant. We’re here to pinch in with a few ideas. However, you’ll be the one doing the heavy lifting. Brace yourself and get excited for some revolutionary décor changes inside your home.

Display fashion photos

Use the numerous fashion magazines you own to cut out some amazing photos from them and frame then them. You don’t need expensive artwork to bring class to your home. Instead, fashion photos will bring out just the right attitude you want to convey. Our advice is to choose sets of photos and display them differently in each room depending on the room’s purpose or its inhabitants. You can post them on walls or display them on shelves and tables. If you like, you can turn your old glass-covered table into a chic one by placing the photos under the glass.

Frame jewellery

We all have beautiful bracelets we no longer wear to any occasion, but we’re too emotionally attached to give or throw them away. You can frame them too and hang them on a wall with an effective background that will contrast the colour and design of your wallpapers. This way, they’ll fulfil their purpose of being admired by everyone who visits you. You can do the same for scarfs and other interesting accessories. Parts of jewellery that fell apart can serve as decorations as well.

Illumination is key

You can’t have fashionable or valuable home décor without proper illumination. You need various sources of light from different angles and of different intensity. In that respect, another exciting task is shopping for some fab lamps and bulbs for the crown of your décor. The trend is spreading through Australia as their electricity regulations have become stricter. This is why most of them hire a competent Sydney electrician instead of trying to set things up on their own. You should do the same. Hire someone to change all your switches to dimmers and get as many outlets as you can get.

Expose your highlights

Being a fashion buff, you must have an envious collection of fabulous items to display. This is why you should consider having a boutique-style designed closet as Lisa Adams advises. This will enable your gorgeous things to be seen by others and stand proud in a display instead of being shoved in a dark closet. You can put your most beautiful Manolo Blahnik’s on a pedestal, literally, by placing them on tiny invisible shelves on a wall. Another idea is to get a doll that can wear some of your favourite outfits. You could have new collections in your house scheduled once a month or as often as you’d like.

Follow the tone with colours

Once you’ve put up all the posters, jewellery, shoes and all the things your own fashion collection is made of, you’ll need to adjust other things. Think about putting up new wallpapers or refurnishing your chairs and sofas to a something bit more suitable for the newly set tone of your home décor. You can put wallpapers on furniture, too, like cupboard covers or any wooden or metal surface.
As you can see, this kind of a décor change won’t harm your budget. Basically, you’ll be recycling your own things or putting them to better use. All you need is some motivation and some time since you already have the fashion sense. So, be bold and embark on this challenge. Let us see that fashionista in action; we’re sure everyone will love it.