5 Career Opportunities in The Film Industry by Jasmine Anderson

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When talking about the film industry, people interested in pursuing a career there are often focused on glamour titles like the actor, the director or a producer. The thing is that these three niches, although best-known, are merely a tip of the iceberg of all one’s options in this field. Moreover, because they are so popular and glamorous, they attract the majority of the talent, which means that the job industry gets quite competitive and unforgiving. So, for those looking for an alternative approach to this, here are the top five career opportunities in the film industry.


Right after the actor, the director and the producer, the job of a screenwriter is the most renowned in the film industry. Why? Well, because they’re the real artist behind the idea. Their script is the conception of what is to become a film in the nearest future. The thing about screenwriting is that its creative writing but also a lot of hard work. This means that you need to have decent work ethics and talent at the same time. One without the other simply won’t cut it.

Set decorator


Being a set decorator is a pivotal position in the film industry. It’s the person that sets the mood and the mood of the entire scene. They’re the person that will transport the viewer through time and space as much as the actors in the set, which is why this job is incredibly responsible. Alongside with props manager, the set decorator is the person in charge of everything inanimate in the set. Depending on the budget of the production a set decorator and a props manager could even be the same person.

Makeup artist

A makeup artist is the one person that makes the biggest impact in the transformation of actors (other than their own acting ability). Still, applying makeup and even being good at it is not the same thing as being able to work in the film industry. For this to work, you might have to undergo a screen and media make up specialist course. With these credentials, the number of opportunities within the industry is going to be quite ample. The course itself can be quite lengthy but the skills acquired this way are more than worth it.

Film editor

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A film editor is a person that decides which scenes will make it into the final version of the film. You would be surprised at how many masterpiece movies completely sucked after their first cut, only to be salvaged by skilled editors. Sometimes, there are hours of footage with only minutes of usable materials. The scene transitions can make or break the film and so on. In other words, in the movie industry, film editors are instrumental in the end result. For seasoned editors, the pay is quite decent. Still, this is a field where you need both skill and experience.

Visual effects artist

It is the job of the film industry to recreate reality or create fantasy. Sometimes, in order to do this, you need some visual effects. This is what makes visual effects artists in great demand in this industry. Another great thing about being a visual effects artist is the fact that you’ll have the privilege of working on the side, as well. Content creators on YouTube, ad makers and others may be in need of your services, as well. In other words, there’s plenty of room for additional freelance work and money on the side.

In conclusion

The majority of work related to the film industry is creative. However, creativity alone won’t cut it. One’s organizational abilities, problem-solving abilities and people skills are going to be crucial for pulling it through. The key thing is that you find something that you feel strongly about. This is what will help you make it when the going gets tough. The passion will keep you invested during those long hours of unnecessary reshoots.

Jasmine Anderson is a Sydney based lifestyle blogger and a toddler mom, with a Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree. Expressing herself through different mediums is what keeps her spirit bright. She loves to spend quality time with her family, go thrifting, and spend just a little bit too much time on the internet.