5 Best Summer Activities for Outdoor Lovers by Peter Minkoff


It seems that 2020 has caught us all unprepared and we’re uncertain what this summer will bring. One thing is certain, however – we must not let anything get in between us and summer fun. Since we still do not know if we’ll be able to travel for summer holidays, it would be good to think about some alternatives, just in case. Apart from that, this is the time to make 2020 memorable not because of the pandemic, but by doing something completely unique and new and by creating positive memories you will cherish forever. Take a look at 5 unconventional ways to make this summer count:

1. Gaze at the stars

Being quarantined this year has certainly taken its toll on our springtime adventures and long walks by the river or the forest. Springtime is indeed a beautiful season, as literally everyone loves spending time outside. Stargazing might be one of the most unconventional ideas for spending your free time during the summer, but hear us out! Didn’t you learn while in lockdown that you truly can find happiness in the small things? In order to level things out and cleanse yourself from all the Netflix and chilling and spending time indoors, it might actually be a good idea to spend some time this summer simply looking at the sky and counting the stars. Even The Guardian agrees! And who knows, if you do this with your partner, the night might just get a bit more magical.

2. Enjoy the water


We might not be able to pack our bags this summer and head to an exotic island (let’s not just jump to any conclusions, though), but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy water-related activities no matter where you are. You probably have amazing lakes or rivers nearby, or if you’re next to the sea or ocean – even better. Regardless of what team you’re in, you can always opt for some unique ways to spend in the water. Finding good rigid inflatable boats for sale will not only open up some incredible possibilities, it will also give you the feel of elegance and luxury this summer. This is a great way to have a nice ride, drink some champagne, stop and swim a bit, or have a romantic lunch or dinner with the person you love.

3. See a drive-in movie

Small things can make us happy. We are beside ourselves because of all the things that we cannot get right now, and once we do get them, it might be time to go back to basics. In order to get that retro feel and also spend time outdoors, you might want to consider seeing a drive-in movie. This is not about the actual movie per se, but about the whole experience, so it doesn’t really matter what’s on the menu – go and see it if you get a chance.

4. Opt for a kayak ride


Kayaking is also an incredible summertime experience. Not only is it super fun, it’s also an experience that you will a) never forget, and b) want to repeat once again. If you’re a newbie, you will have to take a guided tour, where the guide will point out all the amazing geographical features next to you. Another bonus of this option is that it’s available literally anywhere in the world, and it’s also an experience that works great for couples.

5. Farm it out

And as the last option, why not have rent out a farm, or a room in a rural motel or hotel, or a vineyard for several days this summer? Who’s to say that it’s only the beach that you should go to in the hot summer months? This might be a unique opportunity to try something bold as what did we learn in quarantine? You only live once! And truth be told – you will definitely like it. Apart from that, it’s always interesting to spend several days in a rural setting with your partner.

This is an unusual year, so this summer should also be unique. Make this year count as you will do something completely unconventional but, most importantly, enjoyable!