4 Surprising Benefits of CBD to Transform Your Fitness Journey by Grace Hawkins


Amongst the most popular health products right now, CBD oil for fitness is the latest trend. Whatever your fitness goals, the process could get a bit long and tedious. Certainly, a little help never hurt anyone — this kind comes in a particular and natural form. CBD oil is used by many for its wondrous health benefits. You should learn about them before you decide to Shop cbd oil, so you can make sure if CBD oil is the right product for your issue.

To begin with, Cannabidiol or CBD comes from cannabis plants. Specifically, they are hemp-derived cannabinoids. Due to the raw plant material’s nature of having low THC content, CBD products do not have psychoactive effects. In other words, it won’t make you high! So you can take that off your lists of worries when considering to add it to your fitness routine.

What Are CBD Health Benefits?

A plethora of possible health benefits awaits those who are willing to try this chemical compound. Scientific studies have been conducted and many have found anecdotal evidence and potential for it in the medical field. Though, of course, these studies have yet a long way to go, the findings are enough to pique the interest of many health experts and enthusiasts.

Hemp oil extract has been studied and used for decades but its popularity now is all thanks to the changes in federal laws. Industrial hemp was legalized after the reauthorization of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. So long as it contains below 0.3% of THC trace content, it is legal on the federal level. State laws may have a thing or two to say against that though, so be sure to check first.

Others are still apprehensive of using this hemp oil extract though, and with good reason. The FDA has not verified nor evaluated any statement regarding its health benefits. Although, testing positive for drug tests is unlikely to happen. Still, if the hemp product you are using contains THC, it could accumulate and be detected. Be sure to inform your attending medical staff first.

CBD is pretty much an all-around supplement — from sore muscles, chronic pain relief, anxiety, sleeping problems, to clinical trials for multiple sclerosis, certain types of cancers and epilepsies, and other long-term illnesses. And now, CBD for fitness is a popular choice for many. Here are some of the surprising benefits of using this wonder cannabinoid for your fitness goals.

Pain Relief and Reduced Inflammation

For fitness enthusiasts, muscle pains, aches, and inflammation are quite common. Straining the muscle and sometimes pushing it beyond its limits can result in undesirable body pains. While a bit of soreness can be expected, excessive inflammation shouldn’t be suffered in silence. If the pain becomes unbearable, it could hinder your workout routine and even progress to something worse.

Experts have found that various CBD products such as CBD hemp flowers work much like over-the-counter pain relievers. Its molecular structure is likened to that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Lessening pain and inflammation, it is endorsed by many as a good, more natural alternative pain treatment. Some companies also ensure that their hemp products are GMO-free and vegan-friendly.

Some use CBD oil tinctures or pills for oral ingestions, while others prefer CBD topicals. They work pretty much the same way, as users would claim, but their application does make a tad bit of difference. Oral CBD will have to go through the bloodstream to work while topicals will be absorbed by the skin. Some prefer this so they can feel the cooling effects of the salve as well.

Better Sleep and Rest

Workouts are more often than not exhausting. A good rest and maybe a quick nap can do wonders. However, adrenaline rush and high spirits after exercising can often lead to restlessness. Some find it easy to rest due to tiredness but others are not as lucky. Luckily, CBD might be able to help with that.

According to studies, CBD has relaxing properties that could help you relax better and improve sleep quality as well. It releases a sensation that affects the central nervous system and aids the body to relax. Not drowsiness though, as it doesn’t force you to go to sleep. It only allows your body to recuperate better by aiding it to be in a state of calm.

Moreover, proper sleep aids in muscle growth and allows you for a good recharge to keep at your routine every day. Good sleeping habits promote good hormone balance, reduces stress and anxiety, as well as boost overall health immunity. All of which are very important to your fitness goals. With the help of CBD, you’ll no longer be tossing and turning all night.


Faster Muscle Recovery

Professional athletes will agree that the most pressing concern of a good fitness routine is how long you can keep it up. If not careful enough, muscles can be strained and even damaged if used without restraint and even pacing. As a side effect, tiny tears can cause inflammation, swelling, and bigger problems in the future if not treated right away.

As an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD oil is a good recovery supplement. It can reduce muscle inflammation and allow the body to heal faster, with the aid of rest. For injuries such as sprained ankles or limbs, CBD can be applied via creams and salves. Carefully but generously apply the topical on the affected area and massage gently to promote better blood circulation.

Even without the injuries first, you can already use CBD for fitness. Oftentimes, the topicals are mixed with botanical and herbal extracts that help with pain relief as well. Soothing, cooling effects are good for strained muscles and sore joints. Try using CBD post-workout to cool you down and relieve any creaks and rattles!

Boost in Mood and Energy

For any person, a good mood and high energy are always welcome. Performing physical tasks becomes easier when you have a clear head. Anxiety and mood swings are serious conditions that can hinder such tasks. The agitation and nerves can make you lose focus from your goals. Moreover, mental health is most important, and getting help when you need it is vital for growth.

While CBD is not a replacement for prescription medications, it could help reduce some of the stress and anxiety on the body. The cannabinoid interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its receptors. They stimulate the body’s response to adenosine and serotonin, both good and “happy” hormones.

By helping regulate these hormones, using CBD for fitness can boost your overall mood and energy. It also helps achieve homeostasis or balance which keeps the body in a healthy state. Though lack of energy can also be caused by underlying medical conditions, poor diet, lack of proper sleep, and rest. Best to be sure by checking in with your physician first.