3 Timeless Winter Coat Styles For Men by Paisley Hansen

Photo by Amir Esrafili from Pexels

With winter coming ever closer, many people are looking for new coats. Of course, you could get the newest fashion, but that would leave you without a stylish jacket in a year or two. Thankfully there are several styles that have been timeless since their inception. If you want something that’ll keep you looking your best for years to come, look into one of these styles.

Corduroy Bomber

For lighter climates where it doesn’t get too cold, a corduroy bomber is a perfect style for you. This jacket style is usually lined with fleece fabric on the collars, hems, and wrists and soft flannel on the body. Because these jackets are usually a little thinner, they are perfectly suited for climates where the temperatures don’t get too far below freezing. If you do live somewhere that gets those bitter cold temps, consider layering with this jacket to stay warm enough.

To style this jacket, reach for your more casual layering pieces. Some dark wash jeans and leather boots give this look a modern edge, while a plain turtleneck adds some warmth and classic coolness to your fit. For accessories, you could easily add in a beanie and watch, or even a gold chain over the turtleneck. This look is classy but casual, and is suited for both walking around a city shopping or going out to the country for a harvest festival. No matter where your errands take you, this classic style will have you looking great while doing it.

Wool Pea Coat

If your destination is a little more dressy, a pea coat would be a better option for you. While this style started with naval officers on clipper ships, nowadays it is a classy fashion statement at every price level. Pea coats are thicker than the corduroy bomber and can be made of wool, leading them to be better suited for colder temperatures. If you live in a bigger city where the wind gets extreme and makes temps unbearable, a heavier pea coat might be a better choice for you.

Because it’s more of a dressy coat, a wool pea coat is best paired with slacks and a simple shirt. If you’re headed to work, this coat will look amazing with professional dress clothes like a suit, tweed pants, or even a nice pair of chinos. For something more dressed down, you can match your coat with a pair of jeans and some trainers or slip ons for a comfy and stylish streetwear vibe. This style of coat is incredibly versatile, which is why it has remained stylish for so many years. If you want something warm that you can step up your fashion game in, it’s time to shop for a pea coat.

Fur-Lined Parka

Finally comes the parka. If you live somewhere where winter brings plenty of snow and wind along with it, having this coat in your closet is a wise move. Many parkas on the market have fleece in the hoods and faux or real fur around the hem of the hood, so your head and face will be kept warm and dry from any elements you might run into while out and about. This type of coat tends to be very thick, so if you  live somewhere where winter is only bad occasionally, you can keep this for the rough days where it’s cold and wet outside.

Even though this style of coat is used mainly for its warmth, it can still be styled well. Pair it with some jeans with some thermals underneath and waterproof boots to make it through the winter weather unscathed. As for your shirt options, a cable-knit sweater gives you both a fashionable edge and some extra warmth. You could even add on a wool beanie in a complimentary color to your parka to offset your palette and draw everyone’s eyes to you. With a parka, you can have both warmth and fashion at once.

The Main Takeaway

No matter your personal style, you can elevate it with a warm coat this winter. Stay warm and stay stylish with every errand you run.