„You Can’t Let A Good Cop Down“ by Steven Cuoco

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What can be said about police officer Ryan Morgan? Could it be his charming looks, or could it be that he takes his job seriously, and that it is most important to him to be the kind of cop his community needs? Whether it is to offer a smile, word of advice, or even to see the potential in someone, Ryan looks to find the good in everyone who he meets. He believes that what this world needs are people to be a role-model for future generations. Ryan will tell you that before you speak, know whether it will impact someone’s life for the better, or to just say nothing if it doesn’t offer a perspective to grow and change. Be kind. Be thoughtful. And most importantly be someone who leaves a long-lasting legacy so that we may all know one another.

Steven Cuoco
Instagram: @stevencuoco @unitedangelsdream

Website: www.StevenCuoco.com