Yoko Gold shares new „AYYO“ video

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R&B Singer/Songwriter Yoko Gold (Moses Peterson) was born in Downtown Toronto and uprooted to Miami with his family shortly after. At a young age, Yoko would travel with his parents from church to church watching his Mom and Dad Preach the Gospel. It was during these services that he first found his passion for music. Fast forward to today, Yoko has matured into an artist that knows no boundaries. His distinct breed of artistry won’t allow him to be placed in any one genre. Although he is influenced by old-school R&B/Soul, Yoko’s Chameleon-like abilities have created a unique opportunity for him to sound however he wants. Infusing sounds and lyrics you hear today over yesterday’s melodies. The new single was co-produced with Nikhil (Drake, Nikki Minaj) and showcases Yoko’s ability to write massive, personality-driven hooks. ‚AYYO‘ is a perfect soundtrack to cap off the summer.

Yoko’s thoughts on the new song:
„The release of AYYO is like a breath of fresh air. I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio and it feels good to finally get to share what I’ve been making. If it was up to me I would stay in the studio and never release anything (Yoko Laughs). With that being said, this release marks my escape from limbo.“