Most people must by now have heard about hookah pens. In fact, many people have tried one out at least once. In this post, we will take a careful look into what’s the best hookah pen for a beginner.

We will focus on the key things that you need to know about them and guide you through some suggestions on which hookah pen to go for as a beginner. Without further ado, let’s begin.


A hookah is a device that is used for smoking. It may have either a single or multiple hose fittings. It is not a modern concept,  they been around for several centuries. Although, they became a tradition in the middle east around the mid-1000s, they actually originated in India. Most people use it to smoke aromatic tobacco known as shisha. This substance is typically made out of fruit and tobacco. However, others use it to smoke cannabis. There are a few differences between shisha and hookah, however, we will be focusing on the later in this post.

The word hookah was coined from the Arabic word huqqa. It is a piped device used for smoking tobacco (or cannabis in some cases). It has been criticized negatively by health organizations because of its effects on the health of users. In fact, recent studies indicate that smoking a hookah is no less dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

This dispels the popular belief that the toxins from nicotine, tobacco, and other harmful substances are removed because of the water in the hookah pen. Check here for amazing electronic hookahs.


There are quite a few hookah models in the market today. This type of electronic hookah is a new innovation in the vaping world; hence, more products will be manufactured as their popularity continues to rise. Typically, one of the first decisions you will need to make as a beginner is to choose either a shisha pen or a hookah head.

Hookah pens are also known as hookah sticks, e-hookahs, or shisha pens. The construction of theses pens often includes an atomizer, a battery, and a cartridge. It is set up to look like the regular vape pen. A lot of e-hookah pens come with multiple mouthpieces that you can share with friends in a social event. This helps in eliminating the worry of passing saliva among users.

Most e-hookah pens are created to be disposable. This means that you most likely will get a maximum of 500 puffs before switching to a new one.


The quality of e-hookah products available in the market today is low. There are tons of cheap and knock-off pens out there. Hence the first thing to look out for is battery power. For longer smoking sessions, go for a pen with a battery that has a high mAh rating. If you are looking for a cheap and effective device, you should consider going for disposable pens. Finally, you should look at the portability of the design. Go for something that is fashionable and fits easily into your pocket.

Feel free to explore several of the e-hookah pen options available in the market until you find the one that suits you.

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