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Clicky is playful and captivatingly peculiar, undeniable in its bouncy hooks and curious harmony.  It’s impossible not to tap along to this one, as each layer dips and weaves amongst themselves, creating a perfectly balanced amalgamation of different sound.  Ukiyo has a soft spot for this uber cool track, saying, “Instrumentals have a special place in my heart, definitely stemming from my love of soundtracksI started and basically finished Clicky in one hot Aussie summer day.  The track started with all the percussion stuff which is why it got that name – most of my tracks start with a silly name like that, but somehow this one stuck.  I recorded the synth stuff live and really liked how out of time it was so I kept them like that and kind of warped the rest of the track to be in time with these synth stabs instead of the other way round.”

Fantasy has been a long time coming for Ukiyo, who is all about the journey that comes with songs that are supposed to be listened to together.  The EP demonstrates the producer’s versatility in every sense of the word, and his true understanding of layering melodic, harmonic, and percussive information in a way that is completely unique and often quite meditative.  Previous single Go, featuring the gliding vocals of Chymes exudes rare charm and maintains strong pop sensibilities.  Something Like This, featuring FEELDS, draws upon Flume and Chet Faker vibes, while instrumentals Drive, Life and Lonesome feel modern and new, while still oozing that cool magnetism that is characteristic of everything Ukiyo produces.  Reflecting on the collection of songs that makes up Fantasy, Ukiyo says, “This EP and the Ukiyo project in general are both all about escapism.  It’s why I started making music in the first place after all.  I’ll never stop being amazed by the ability soundtracks have to take listeners to another world and it’s my goal to create music that does that.  My EP is called Fantasy because that’s exactly what it is to me, when I close my eyes this is the music I hear.”