Ty Senoj dropped new Single – „IF“

ty senoj

“If” is about knowing you have the sauce, knowing you turn heads when you walk in a room, but just not having the resources to explode on the scene. It’s a track to let everyone know that I know what I bring to the table – and I’m bringing it in style.

Since I was young, my peers thought I was gay because I dressed “unique” and didn’t copy typical trends like everyone else. I was comfortable with my sexuality and didn’t pillow talk my business. Metrosexual 1 was just a warm up to my sound. For a while there, people didn’t understand what planet I lived on, so I had to come back to earth for a bit to explain to everyone what my lifestyle is like – living on a fashion runway everywhere I go, 24/7 lights, camera action.

Metrosexual 2 is for pozers, weirdos, glint baes, and flash boys that aren’t afraid to be themselves.“

“IF” is definitely the single of my new LP Metrosexual 2, setting it’s tone and attitude.