TRIPTYCH Footwear – Spring/Summer 2019

TRIPTYCH footwear draws inspiration from the space, form and movement of the body. Each collection studies the architecture of the foot and leg, and how design responds to it; the relationship between fluidity and stasis, geometry and organic form, aperture and enclosure, chroma and monochrome, smooth and coarse texture.

TRIPTYCH’s unique and trans-seasonal typology of footwear includes a line of sophisticated all-leather unisex sneakers – elevated versatility that inventively and effortlessly transitions from day to night, informal to formal. Optimized for ease of motion and wearability, all TRIPTYCH shoes slip on regardless of model. Like its signature women’s collection, TRIPTYCH sneakers, too, explore openings around the foot.

The form and skin of the foot complete the design of each shoe, making the body – and its movement – essential to the look of the product. This detail is taken a step further in particular models by components that transform such as the double-sided folding tongue on K6. The extension of the lining is another unique brand detail built into the design of the shoes creating, in some instances, color contrast and layering, while in others, geometric shapes and volumes that alter the architecture of the foot and form of the shoe.

Spring/Summer 2019 material features include: neon colorblock, distressed copper metallic suede, coarse and fine softy suedes, waxed brushed leather, chalky whites, silky blacks, painted leather, contrasting textured monochromatics, and contrasting colorblock. The collection is a play on the classic ‘black+white’, ‘all- white’ and ‘all-black’ shoe, while interjecting color extremes (neon, copper) and creating juxtaposition with the absence of color. All TRIPTYCH collections use leathers with particular character – an element of the shoes that transforms over time recording the movement and shape of the foot.