Top 5 Trendy Brands for Fall/Winter 2018-2019

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Summer is almost over and it’s about time to think about which outfits will be trending this upcoming fall and winter season. Streetwear is the biggest focus within the fashion industry, especially from brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, that are always looking after the next big indie designer in order to create the flashiest collection possible.
With that being said, let’s try to break down the absolute best British fashion brands that will dominate the upcoming months.

Paul Smith

With streetwear dominating within the entire fashion industry, high-class and well-tailored pieces that are still relying on quality are something that is indeed needed, and Sir Paul Smith knows that. His FW 2018/2019 is indeed focused on minimalism and class, with oversized pieces that are still fitting into the above-mentioned streetwear realm. Paul Smith’s new line is what separates a quality brand from a „hype“ one.

Victoria Beckham

David Beckham’s wife launched her new clothing line 10 years ago and it’s surprisingly good. Many influencers and stars approached the fashion world in the last 20 years (with Paris Hilton being the biggest flop that we could remember), but Victoria was definitely able to present a quality line that could be appreciated by many different audiences, ranging from the streetwear enthusiast to the person who’s looking for a „Poshy“ dress (get the joke).
Victoria also has other lines that are focusing on accessories and eyewear.


Whether you like it or not, Burberry is an icon and truly represents the British taste when it comes to fashion. Being well renowned for its tartan and trench coats, the brand is indeed following the Paul Smith’s model, separating their high-class range of pieces from a more „down to earth“, streetwear related one. Burberry, especially when it comes to accessories, has been a role model for many new upcoming brands, especially the ones which are focusing on streetwear.


Once again, brand identity is the key to success. The Simonside-based brand keeps on focusing on the pieces that made them famous, with a minimalistic design and a solid creative process that will definitely include them in this fall/winter „most wanted“ list.
The Barbour country line is indeed an iconic status within the brand and they decided to just restock the entire range for this upcoming season, which is quite a big deal, especially given the fact that many other brands are simply rebranding themselves over and over again.

Stella McCartney

Paul’s daughter definitely has something to say when it comes to fashion: with iconic pieces already acknowledged by critics and fashion experts, the designer is actively fighting for a „fur-free“ Britain, which is also pretty important, from an ethical point of view.
Stella’s touch is incredible when it comes to accessories (especially when it comes to bags) but many are the ones underestimating her design skills when it comes to jackets and proper clothing.