Top 5 Men’s Athleisure Hoodies for AW18 by Vicky Layton

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The classic hoodie is an unbeatable staple item in everyone’s wardrobe. Streetwear, sportswear and athletic wear are all styles that have merged together to create incredible collections from the world’s biggest designers. Athleisure brands have stepped their game up recently, with unique and innovative pieces to rival leisure wear as we know it. So, what are the best names to be wearing this season? Here’s a look at the biggest brands and their coolest hoodie offerings for AW18:


Champion is an American sportswear label who were practically pioneers of the humble hoodie. They were once knocked out of the limelight by the big brands like Puma and Nike but have now clawed their way back into the public’s affections. The quality of their hoodies is undisputed; with its patented reverse-weave cotton – a special design that features panelled side inserts that stop shrinkage even after multiple washes. Try the classic ‘Champion Life’ men’s reverse weave pullover hoodie for the ultimate AW18 winter warmer.


Vypex is an athleisure wear brand specially tailored for sportswear in and out of the gym. Though they’re relatively new on the scene, their making their mark as a serious sports fashion brand. The style is a mix between athletic wear and streetwear; culminating into a unique look perfect for every day. Their hoodies are sculpted to your body, try their Creed fitted hoodie if you’re looking for a new gym wear hoodie.


Streetwear kings Stussy are famous for their cool yet quality clothing. It’s one of the oldest streetwear labels around, often credited with being the creators of the streetwear movement. It’s no surprise that their hoodies are second-to-none when it comes to style and comfort. Go for the classic staple Stussy hoodie that’s appeared every season since they’ve started if you want something timeless.


Athletic wear from Adidas is nothing new, in fact, they were one of the very first to ever do it. Their long-lasting strong brand persona has served them well over the years, keeping them a household staple for some time. They effortlessly combine comfort with style, making them a tough one to beat. For something classic, their Adidas Trefoil Solid hoodie is a great choice, perfect for this AW18 season.


Similar to Adidas, Nike was at the forefront of the athletic wear revolution. They’ve long been rivals, and even now there is still debate as to which is best. Nike specialises in a range of sportswear pieces from tracksuits to basketball socks, each piece branded with their now famous tick. Keep it classic yet cosy this AW18 with a Nike Sportswear Club Fleece hoodie.

AW18 Athletic Wear Must-Haves

This AW18 is all about athletic wear. Mix your favourite athletic wear pieces with stylish streetwear to create the ultimate loungewear look wherever you are. You can never go wrong with a classic hoodie, so whether you’re after something more street smart like Stussy or gym appropriate like Vypex, there’s a hoodie style to suit you this season.