Tom Boy – Nothing to Lose

Orlebar Brown
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„Sometimes it’s easier to hear the truth when it’s coming out of your own mouth. This wasn’t the case for me growing up as a closeted gay kid. Unlike all the pills I’ve taken throughout my life, this one was hard to swallow. If I didn’t have my own back, how the fuck could I expect anyone else to?

I came home one day after being terribly rejected, and something just broke in me; I stopped caring about how others would perceive my sexuality. In that moment, I grabbed my guitar, picked a few notes, and word-vomited this wonderfully succinct hype-song that also just happened to be universal; talking yourself out of a self-loathing, pity party.“

NOTHING TO LOSE” is the title track of our new EP that’s also out now/available on all STREAMING SERVICES. Even though these songs might sound vengeful, angry and lost, it is still a love letter to our old bandmates, and the art that we created together. Putting everything into words and melody has been therapeutic – it’s allowed us to let the hurt, addictions, and dependency go.
Come and see what it’s like to be in the middle of our storm.“