#TMmusic – Harry Young – „Cocktails & Dreams“ new Video and EP!


You can’t move for sensitive singer/songwriters these days, but that’s just what makes Harry Young is a breath of fresh air.

Still only 18, the Glasgow-based musician has pulled together a collection of songs that vividly draw a picture of what it’s like to be young and alive in Scotland’s most vibrant city.

The Cocktails And Dreams EP shows just what makes Harry such an exciting prospect, as instead of wistful introspection, Young’s music is confident and assured, with a love of life that sees him determined to grab it with both hands.

It’s no surprise then to discover that Harry’s year zero moment was hearing Champagne Supernova as an impressionable 12 year-old. From then on in, iconic frontmen like Brett Anderson, Jarvis Cocker and Lee Mavers left him in no doubt what he wanted to do with his life.

These days though, it’s the deft songwriting of John Mayer and Paolo Nutini’s gravelly soul that inspires him most and make their presence most felt on the EP.

Harry Young is a breath of fresh air not only in the Scottish music scene, but in the genre of singer/songwriting itself. He’s his own man, doing things his own way. And he’s loving every minute of it.