#TMfashion – QASIMI Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook


The starting point for QASIMI Fall/Winter 2016 was looking at the ferocious nature of the sea and the protection from the elements. That lead into further research into the South Shields being the first Yemeni community in the United Kingdom that came over to work at the ship yards in the early 19th Century.

Notions of Immigration and assimilation then sparked ideas of creating hybrid garments while over sized shapes used as protection from aggressive weather. Fabrics woven in the Uk were developed on the initial ideas of moving blankets in both Wool and Silk Yarn.

Prints reflecting both themes, Ropes and Yemeni florals are featured on printed wovens and Jaquard knitwear. The Final addition of shearling to the collection highlights the main theme of protection.