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Originally, clothes have been created to protect the Man from adverse external elements, at PYRATES, we have observed that fashion hasn’t adapted to the evolution of these elements. Professional and medical clothing has improved but everyday clothing is still at a basic stage. Pollution, global warming, new diseases and their consequences on our health are part of our present and our future. “Punctual cures” and protections have been created such as sunscreen and medicines however these elements are constantly present so we need to constantly fight them. No matter a person’s views on fashion, we will always have an intimate relationship with textiles, as we wear them most of the time, close to the body, making them a perfect support.



PYRATES’ vision is to be a pioneer in the evolution of fashion, thanks to its own revolutionary, certified smart fabrics turned into timeless, fashionable and functional garments to finally make everyday clothing adapted to our environment. We are absolutely conscious of the direction the fashion world is taking. Tomorrow’s clothing will not just cover the flesh, it will be casual sportswear, adapted to a dynamic lifestyle, functional with additional health and cosmetic benefits. We are moving from fabrics to super fabrics, from fibers to super fibers. PYRATES aims to be at the forefront of this revolution, a swiss fashion brand recognized for its innovation capacity and a reference in the global sportswear market.



MODERN & FUTURISTIC SPORTSWEAR: The trend has moved towards sportswear as an alternative to other casual clothing. PYRATES designs are inspired by urban culture in that the range can be appropriate as both day & evening wear. With minimalistic yet sophisticated designs PYRATES brings elegance and quality to the world of sportswear, riding on the exponentially growing athleisure trend. PYRATES’ garments have been created to fit the active lifestyle of our dynamic and ambitious customers. They are functional and practical (pockets, zippers, stretchy) but also comfortable, extremely soft to touch and with a flattering cut. The simple cuts and carefully selected colors make the designs timeless.


MORE THAN FABRICS, SMART FABRICS: PYRATES takes the fabric to the next level. Not only the designs are stylish and comfortable to wear but they hide many more special qualities. PYRATES currently owns a range of fabrics with tested and proven health and cosmetic benefits such as skin moisturizing, blood pressure regulation, stress reduction. Hence our customer can effortlessly care his body by performing the simple daily routine of getting dressed but with PYRATES’ smart fabrics.


Regina, Co Founder & CEO: Spanish entrepreneurial mind and Law graduate, she is the heart of the brand. She has put her mind and soul in building the concept and the brand, is giving it its direction and is the decision taker. She has carried out the R&D phase and the establishment of the production chain. Her expertise comes from her participation in the creation of several start ups driven by her interest in innovative business. She has lived in several countries giving her an international outlook for the brand, a knowledge of the potential markets and key contacts for the development of the project.


Omar, Co Founder: An entrepreneur deeply rooted in the world of finance. He takes care of the accounting and financial side of the company. Based in Geneva, he has studied Business.

He created his first enterprise in 2012: a Cosmetic Laboratory in Monaco. He has notable experience in cosmetic, medicine & technology.

Zuzana, Designer & Fashion director: From Czech Republic, she is in charge of visual merchandising & creative direction. She is the pattern designer and creates all the visual content of the brand, to give it a unique identity. Her work includes the photo shoots, social media content, packaging, labelling and merchandising. She has a Bachelor in Arts and a Master in Fashion Design. She teaches Design at Istituto Europeo di Design. She offers a perfect balance of creativity and rigor to materialize the fashion side of PYRATES.


Marie, Press Relation & Sales: French national, she focuses on communication and commercial strategy. She studied her business Bachelor in the UK and recently graduated from IE Business School with a Master in Management. She has worked in sales & marketing in the world of cosmetics and luxury fashion and has been brand and university ambassador giving her useful PR knowledge. She cultivates her interest for fitness and wellbeing by being a Zumba instructor. She has the sensibility to understand the brand and capacity to strategically communicate on it.


Smart fabric cosmetic uses seaweed’s exceptional antioxidant properties to protect the skin from free radicals. It gives the skin essential nutrients such as vitamins providing natural wellbeing.

Smart fabric health uses amino acids releasing negative ions allowing oxygen absorption. It recreates a pollution-free environment giving the same wellness feeling as when we are in the mountains. Its infrared emissions have a thermic function assisting in blood circulation and immune system boost.


Smart fabric active absorbs 60% more of water that other conventional fibers. It is an antiperspirant, antibacterial and antifungal fabric and helps in reducing cold sweat. It is perfect for active wear and dries faster than traditional fiber.

Smart fabric Freshness is made of a cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo. As an active fiber, it has insulating, permeability and temperature management properties, helping the body stay warmer when it’s cold and cooler when the body is hot.


The PYRATES customer is active, has a dynamic and healthy lifestyle, is a traveler, is fashion- savvy, is innovation-oriented, feels concerned by issues of sustainability, buys quality and looks for brand with a strong story, has a relatively high disposable income.
The PYRATES man is very masculine and athletic.

The PYRATES woman is sporty looking but sophisticated.
They both value flattering cuts in sportswear and are pioneers of the idea of sportswear as a growing trend.