Tiny Home Movement – Pros and Cons by Maya Holik

If you are new to the concept of tiny home movement then you should understand the fact that it is an architectural and social phenomenon which is focusing on the concept of simple living. The tiny home movement is encouraging families and individuals to downsize their spatial needs. Although living in a tiny house might not be for everyone but if you are capable of handling self-storage options easily then this can be the best for you. However, there are some amazing yet immediate benefits that you can easily realize when you embrace a tiny house.
Although there are multiple reasons why people are moving to tiny houses, but to make the things clearer let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in tiny houses. Knowing these may let you get interested in downsizing.

Pros of living in tiny homes

Here is the list of benefits of living in a tiny house:

1. Freedom of living

Freedom of living is the most important thing that people are missing especially the ones who are living in the urban environment. However, a tiny house can let you live on the wheels. You can easily move around your favorite places and can enjoy an amazing level of freedom.

2. Lower costs

A lot of people are preferring to live in tiny houses because these come with lower expenses. Whether it is about energy consumption, mortgage loan required to build a home, tax payments, or even home maintenance costs, with a tiny home you can manage all of your costs with ease. Also, it is a lot less burden when it comes to maintaining your home.

3. Simplicity

Tiny houses are capable of providing a simpler, stress-free and more organic way of life. Fewer material possession will allow you to focus on more important things and you will be able to concentrate more on your life goals, dreams, and passions.

4. Eco-friendly

People at the present time are caring more about the environment than ever before. Therefore, to make their livings eco-friendlier, people are downsizing their homes. It is because this type of living is much more sustainable and will leave smaller carbon footprints.

Cons of tiny houses

Here are some of the most important disadvantages of tiny houses which are essential for you to know before making any decision.

1. Lack of professional builders

When it comes to building a tiny house then it may become harder to find an experienced home builder. Most construction contractors may offer you to build such a house but they do not know where to start or how to conduct building.

2. Tiny houses require cleaning more frequently

Although it is amazing to live in a tiny house but when it comes to cleaning then you may need more frequent cleaning. This may lead to more energy and time consumption in cleaning your house.

3. Fewer storage spaces

“Fewer storage spaces” is the most important con when it comes to tiny houses. But most amazingly, with the flexible and creative self storage solutions, you can easily manage this problem more effectively.

4. Zoning laws

There are some building codes in various zones which are dictating the minimum size of the house to build. In such zones, a tiny home may not be approved to be built. Before making a decision, it is highly important to review zoning codes and identify whether it would be legal to embrace this lifestyle or not.

If you are attracted to building a tiny house and planning to downsize then it is highly important to make proper research to know about zone laws and finding the professional tiny house builder to get the process done more effectively.

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