Thoughtful Gifts for Your Significant Other for Any Occasion by Samantha Higgins

Image par Bob Dmyt de Pixabay

While there are five popularized love languages, most people will happily accept all forms. This is especially true when it comes to thoughtful gifts and surprises. Don’t just wait until Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, or your partner’s birthday to provide them with a special gift. Consider some of the following gifts you can give for any occasion.

1. Massager

As most people progress into their 30s, 40s, and 50s, certain areas start to ache in ways that they didn’t in the teens and 20s. The older a person gets, the more comfortable their shoes might become. While you don’t want your partner to feel old, it’s nice to provide a certain level of comfort in the form of a massager. Whether it’s a foot massaging machine, a neck massager, or a heated back massager, make your partner’s relaxation experience a bit more plush with an electric massage tool. Pay attention to the areas they complain about the most. Then, find a massage tool that directly addresses that pain point.

2. Monthly Subscription Service

If you pay for a monthly subscription service, it easily becomes the gift that keeps on giving for at least one year. There are so many subscription boxes for every desire a person has. If your partner loves all things related to beauty and makeup, find a monthly subscription box that comes with a variety of brand-new products. If your partner is a wine connoisseur, there are wine companies that provide monthly subscription services with new wines to taste. Everything from candles and chocolate to athletic wear is available via a subscription. Get creative in finding the perfect box for your loved one.

3. Intimate Gift Basket

An intimate gift basket is an amazing way to personalize a collection of goodies for your partner. With intimacy comes a different level of access. There are certain things you know your partner will either love to try or see you in when it’s time for some fun before bed. Fill a gift basket with different types of toys, a turn on lube, and intimate games. You can also add favorite treats like a bottle of wine, chocolates, and other aphrodisiacs.

4. Spa Da

Check out the services at a local spa to see what they offer. Treat your significant other to either the morning, afternoon, or an entire day at a local spa. It’s a great way to unwind, provide relaxation and create wonderful memories together. There are tons of couples who love to experience couples‘ massages and other treatments together.
You can also send your partner to the spa with one of their friends. When people are in relationships, friends can often take a backseat. Arranging for your partner to connect with one of their own friends can be one of the most thoughtful ways to express how much you care about their well-being and other relationships that don’t involve you. It’s a healthy way to encourage your partner to continue cultivating relationships with people who’ve proven to remain supporters of you two and your abiding love for each other.

5. Dinner & Flowers

If you’re not well-versed in how to make moves in the kitchen, place an order for delivery from your partner’s favorite restaurant. Order their favorite dish, desserts, and drinks. Add a bouquet of their favorite flowers to the list of things to be delivered. This sentiment holds true for both men and women. As quiet as it’s kept, there are many men who love to receive beautiful flowers as well. It’s okay to surprise a man with a stunning arrangement of flowers along with their favorite meal. Even though a delicious dinner is a great way to end the day, you can start the day with breakfast, brunch, or a lunch delivery as well. If you send the order to your partner’s job, they’ll still love the surprise of a delicious meal that they didn’t plan to receive.

It’s often stated that love isn’t a noun. It’s actually a verb. This means that it’s expressed through actions and deliberate choices. It takes intentionality in order to be thoughtful. By making the effort to be thoughtful and intentional in your relationship, it’ll become much easier to enjoy a long-lasting, deep and authentic connection with your partner.