Thing To Keep In Mind When Visiting A Men Hairdressers by Zac Ferry

Visiting a hairdressers especially for men can be a little bit problematic. Men, in general, follow a simple haircut and mostly has a similar style for a long time but there are obviously exceptions in case of long hair. It is always a gripping question when you visit a hairdresser what you ask him to do for you, it’s always confusing but at the end, you stick to your civil routine and get the boring old haircut again.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while visiting men hairdressers and how to be confident enough to ask what kind of hairstyle you want.


Communication is the key to everything and when it comes to good hairstyle, you need to keep this in mind while visiting men hairdressers. Yes, obviously research and preparation are necessary step but a simple question to your hairdressers will answer a lot of your problems regarding hair and you will be able to understand the suitable style for you through the hairdresser’s guidance. As per their experience, they know the shape of your head way better than you do yourself and they will be able to suggest you a much better hairstyle for you than your own choice. Don’t get disappointed at the beginning of their opinion, as they are experts in this field and know what they are doing.

Style and Keyword:

Now, it is extremely popular to follow celebrities and taking an inspiration from the industrial books cover. Asking your hairdressers to form a style based on that is quite common these days. In case of some men hairdressers, they do not always oblige with your request always, as you may like hairstyle you want but it may not go with your face type. But obviously, you can use a celebrity magazine, as an example of the type of hairstyle you want.

The Length:

Inches isn’t easy to measure and especially for the naked eye, of course, you will not carry a tape to the hairdressers and in that case, a small trimming can mean a lot of things as per your hair length. If you have a little longer hair than an average man, then you should learn about clipper guard numbers, and utilize it to explain to the men hairdressers what length you want your hair to be. If you are unsure about your decision, then you may ask the opinion of your hairdressers or else ask him to keep trimming until you are satisfied with the length and style.

Cutting Type and Style:

Your average men hairdressers generally opts for some common techniques after they have finished approaching the length and is comfortable with it. This is the different layers and textures that are provided after approaching a certain length having a certain knowledge about it beforehand won’t do any harm.

Layered in this category where generally the long hair rests on top of short hair which provides an illusion of volume and utilized on men with thinning hair.
The choppy hairstyle is generally opted by men hairdresser, as they cut the hair in a 45-degree angle all around the head providing an illusion of volume and later the person can pull off a messy look.
Razor is one of the most popular techniques utilized by today’s men hairdressers. In this technique generally, the hairdressers utilize a blade to shape and sculpt your hair after the haircut this requires extreme practice and professional touch to get exact results.


These are the things you should keep in mind while visiting men hairdresser, be confident and ask whichever haircut you want. Being a man doesn’t mean you cannot groom yourself get a regular haircut and follow whichever style you want.