Thérèse – Chinoise ?

Multi-faceted French-Asian artist Thérèse unveils the music video for her recently released single, ‘Chinoise?’WATCH ‚CHINOISE ?‘ VIDEO HERE The track is taken from her upcoming EP, ‘Rêvalité’, set for release on March 12th.


Directed by Marie-Laure Blancho – whose credits include Alabama Shakes’ ‘Gimme All Your Love’ –  the clip adds a visual dimension to Thérèse already bold and political song, which sees Thérèse breaking common stereotypes around Asians using pervasive popular cliches in a colourful and positive approach by creating a parallel universe.


Talking about the  concept behind the video, Thérèse says; “With this film, I wanted to fight for something, and not against something. Using common stereotypes, distorting them, breaking them, is my way to reclaim my identity. I believe that tackling difficult social issues with a colourful and positive approach is possible and probably more efficient. That’s why in the video those stereotypes gradually turn into strengths as I reappropriate them. There are a bunch of lifestyle details and references to be discovered in the movie about the concept of ‘living together’, at least what I put in that concept.”

Video director Marie-Laure Blancho adds, “the music video had to underline the activism in Thérèse lyrics, denouncing these stereotypes while illustrating them in a very ‘pop’ way. Beyond her political commitment, Thérèse wanted to bring her humanist vision to light, her idea of universalism, beyond different cultures, ages and genders. Using food as a narrative arc popped quite naturally, putting Thérèse in the funny part of the boss of a restaurant. She cooks and shares her food as an antidote to all hate that exists in the world, blessing it with her dog, gifted with a mysterious magical power. A crazy story, deliberately absurd, in order to infuse ingeniously the message.”


Part of a new generation of French electronic music artists mixing the power of bass music, the musicality of Hip Hop and the energy of club culture, Thérèse has established herself as a figure of empowerment in the French-Asian community. ‘Chinoise?’ is the follow up to her debut single ‘T.O.X.I.C’, which has seen the talented artist being selected for the 2021 Société Pernod Ricard France Live Music Prize, the prize sets out in search of the very best in the independent French music scene. As an activist, she has been fighting racism especially towards French Asians through her music and  social media platforms, more recently COVID-19 fuelled the flames of anti-Asian sentiment in France with prejudice and racist slurs shocking the country’s Asian community. French Asians have been fighting back using the hashtag #JeNeSuisPasUnVirus (I’m not a virus), through her work with anti-racists associations such as Décolonisons Nous and Stop Asiaphobie, Thérèse has become one of their most radical voices on national French media, appearing on daytime TV shows including ‘Quotidien’ on TMC/TF1 and ‘Info du vrai’ on Canal +.


Born in Paris, Thérèse is half Chinese, a quarter Lao and a quarter Vietnamese. Her parents arrived in France in the late 70’s, met in Paris and lived in different suburbs, Villejuif, Saint-Ouen, Bagnolet, Vitry sur Seine. She started playing piano when she was nine years old and attended the Conservatory before landing a well paid job as Product Manager at Kenzo Parfums, LVMH. One day she decided to switch and draw her own career path, “as Missy Elliott recently said as long as you are breathing, it’s never too late… That’s the motto I want to follow”, she enthuses. Now she splits her time between music, styling for other French music artists including Sônge, and brands such as Nuxe and Fête Impériale, as well as modelling for empowering French labels Ysé and Superbe.