The Paisley Fields – Brooklyn Queer Country Pioneers to Release New EP


“Oh these urban fences penned me in too long,” croons lead singer James Wilson on the song, “Brooklyn Rodeo.” The track is on The Paisley Fields’ forthcoming EP, Oh These Urban Fences…, which will be available for limited release at the Oct. 1st listening party at Branded Saloon.

The song was inspired by Cole Porter’s “Don’t Fence Me In.” A member of the queer country music scene in Brooklyn, songwriter and pianist Wilson is only too familiar with these themes. Like Porter, Wilson is unapologetic about pushing boundaries.

In high school, Wilson told his piano teacher he didn’t feel like he fit in with anyone, that he didn’t feel normal.

“That’s because you’re not normal,” she said. “You know what normal is? Normal is boring.”

Wilson is also not the cowboy hat-wearing, good old boy one pictures when thinking about country music. The Brooklyn resident writes songs about falling in love with men in a city that has far more concrete than fields.

But seeking inspiration in the unexpected seems be working. The band’s videos have over a 100,000 views on YouTube.

Oh These Urban Fences…features Paisley singer Anna Volpe with Andrew Gialanella on guitar, Alex Feigin on guitar and drums, James Steiner on mandolin, as well as a mini-orchestra of cello, banjo, bass, slide, lap steel and organ.

Pre-sale for Oh These Urban Fences… begins officially on October 2nd.  It will be available through, as well as iTunes and all major digital retailers.