The 5 Best Swimming Drills to Get Jacked by Cooper Klein

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We all live busy lives, we eat a bunch of junk food, sit at the desk for too many hours, but the good thing is that it seems that people realize the benefits of the regular workout. On the other hand, let’s face it, we don’t always have the time and the strength to go to the gym and make our workout session as intense as it should be. But what if we could do it the other way?

No, you don’t have to walk, run for hours or something, this is much easier. Swimming exercises are the key! Just think about it, when you are in the pool or at a spa, you feel relaxed, you have more energy, and even if you swim for hours, you won’t take notice because it’s much more comfortable than running for several miles. It’s the most satisfying way to activate all your muscles at the same time.

Benefits of swimming workout:

Calorie Burn – This is the best way to burn calories without even making a significant effort. The more calories you burn more fat is turning into a muscle, and you will start losing weight quickly.

Resistance – Water creates natural strength, and you can get more benefits from working out in the pool than jogging, or from a street workout. It is like having natural weights all the time.

Low-Impact – The most crucial benefit of aquatic exercise is that it’s easy on your joints. These are the most common exercises recommended for recovering from injuries, or for those who have problems with chronic pain. It’s important to mention that it can also lower risk of injury.

Working out at swim spas – A home spa is the best gym you can have. It can make a big difference to maintain your whole-body training programme with no special equipment used.

It’s a piece of cake! Isn’t it?

Many athletes think that swimming exercise consists of jumping into the pool and swimming for as long as you can and waking up tomorrow with sore muscles as a confirmation of a good workout. It’s not that simple. If you want to use an entire body and look and feel recovered this way this is the way to go. These are the best swimming drills you can try immediately:

1. High-intensity laps

You have heard of HIIT, right? It stands for “High-intensity interval training”, and you can do it while swimming. The purpose of this training is to burn fat and to improve endurance. It a brief burst of intense activity followed by a shorter period of rest. This way of exercising is an excellent cardio, and it can burn a lot of calories. Instead of exercising in a community pool or paying an expensive spa membership you can do it in your personal swim spa. It’s the best way to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to make results visible quickly.

2. Water jogging

If you are not the runner on the road, you might be the person to try jogging in the water. It’s so much fun and it is considered to be a rehab for most of their runners. You have all the cardio your body needs, your joints won’t feel harmed, and you have to admit, it feels like playing in the pool. You can increase the intensity of this kind of workout if you hold aquatic dumbbells in each hand.

3. Towel skiing

Stand up in the water and make a cross-country ski move, like you do one in the gym. Do this down the length of the pool or spa, and to make it more effective grab two towels and hold them in your hands to form a resistance while you move through the water. This exercise can do wonders for your arms, especially biceps, and you don’t need weights at all!

4. Kickboard kicks

It may seem like a beginners exercise, but don’t get fooled you can activate the whole bunch of muscles while you do it. You grab a kickboard with arms outstretched and hold it in front of you while you kick your feet. A great trick for this exercise is to imagine that your kickboard is pulling you all the way. Do this in several sets, and you will feel your abdominals stretching immediately.

5. Deck Dip

Lean back against the edge of the pool and put your arms behind your back, holding onto it. Your fingertips should be facing forward. Put one leg straight and in front of you, and the other should be bent in the knee against the wall. Pull your whole body up with your hands supporting yourself with your bent leg. Deck Dip is the exercise that will target your abs, triceps, and obliques.

Eat. Sleep. Swim. Repeat. Get jacked. That’s it!