SWEET BERRY or „Studs with Stones,“ a new story from Ricardo Muñiz

Sweet Berry in BW by Ricardo Muniz 08

Ricardo Muñiz:

„I call it SWEET BERRY or STUDS with STONES. The idea for the shoot is based upon the US southern black cultural adage, „The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice,“ which celebrates the beauty of black skin.

I hope the beauty of black comes through in the models, their culture, the jewelry, the clothes and in the simple black and white photos.“
Photographer:       Ricardo Muñiz Website:  www.ricARTo.com
Instagram: @coquichuloimages
Models: Perrian G, BMGNY, Thiendy E, BMGNY, Tylique W, BMGNY
Men’s Grooming and Hair: Adrienne Vázquez @adriennemakeupdiva

Styling Assistant: Stefanie Frank @gempawnbrokers