Summer Party Tips for Men by Peter Minkoff


Another summer has come, so it’s time to talk throwing memorable parties that you and your buddies will talk about for months after. What are the party essentials for men? What are the decoration styles that suit our summer wildness the best? Drinks, food, and service? We’re here today to discuss all of this, to talk about summer tips for a party that’s a bit more testosterone-infused. Summer, the time of year when laziness finds respectability, when all the senses become sharper and make you want to chill and enjoy yourself. Getting showered by a sudden summer rain with a cold one in your hand and lots of humor around cleanses and cools everything – you, the earth, and the air.

Declutter the space

You want to use every inch of space, so reduce the amount of clutter. Throwing a summer outdoor party requires you to make the most of your outdoor space. Provide seating, as well as storage space (waterproof) for gear and cushions benches with lift-up tops. Use double-duty furnishings at gathering spots, while smaller lidded baskets and boxes can be used as stools (and they’ll save you some space as well). Provide enough space for people to mingle around and dance.

Divide space into sections

StockSnap_WN2IOJQQGBSet some boundaries. For example, if you have a large lawn, dissect it into different areas for cooking, eating, lounging, and entertaining. Toss down a pile of cushions, pool rafts, or air mattresses and cover them with beach towels, to create an impromptu lounge area. This can serve as a key space along the boundaries between space that will pull people out into the yard.

You can divide spaces and define them with a proper use of lighting. You’ll definitely lose all feeling and mood if you just floodlight the whole outdoor space. Get a canopy, hang some cheap string lights between them and place something like a used army parachute below.

Take care of the sound

Every party needs music. You want to make sure that it can be heard, but you don’t want to annoy the neighbors. If you’re throwing a party for a small number of people, portable outdoor speakers would do just fine. However, we’re talking about throwing a party, not a gathering. So, rent several large box speakers or wireless speakers designed for outdoor use, and make sure to get them off the ground, because music doesn’t sound that good when it’s blasting at your feet. Consider attaching a painter’s tarp to some bamboo poles to surround the party area (if your yard is open). Music always sounds best when played in a contained area. Keep the bass low or go acoustic in order to avoid annoying your neighbors. You don’t want to blast dubstep at high volume, because the last guests to come will probably be police officers.

Food, food, food


As for food, you’re spoiled for choice. Don’t go too big on the portions and that hard on the meat, because it’s summer after all, and you want your guests to feel full and fresh. You can go with shrimp boil (potatoes, shellfish, and corn), fried chicken, fish fry, and fries with summery potato salad, or small smoked brisket sandwiches with veggie-packed salad. A great idea is to build your own burger or sandwich bar, and all you have to do is equip yourself with grilled onions, animal style fries, and animal style spread. Let your guests mix and match food according to their own tastes.

Party service

If you want to take things up a notch, you can hire staff to help you serve your guests. For a real manly event, Australians often use services of companies like Sydney Topless Waitresses for their quality of service and professionalism. A summer party with drinks being served by topless, beautiful women? Sounds like a dream come true, right?
Don’t let this summer go by without any parties to remember. Battle the heat with fruit infused ice, cold drinks, great music, food that’ll awaken your taste buds, and the most importantly – great company.