Suits, Aston Martin & Martini: A James Bond Stag-do

Outfit: Club of Gents

As summer is a peak season for weddings, spring is the perfect time for stag-dos. For lads who want to spend a classy night out together, a stag-do can be the a perfect opportunity to replicate James Bond – Martini’s included.

Planning a stag-do can be quite challenging. While some people prefer to go on a trip together, others spend a night out in a nearby city and drink together until the sun comes up. For people who like it classy, we came up with the perfect programme for a night out like James Bond – just in time to shorten the wait for the new movie to come out.

Dress like James Bond

Planning a classy night out firstly means getting the right outfit. The dress code for the 007-stag-do must be: suits. As James Bond always wears them, this might be the perfect opportunity to buy a new one that can also be the outfit for the upcoming wedding. At least once in a lifetime a man should get the chance to buy an expensive suit from Hugo Boss or Armani and feel special wearing it.

Outfit: Club of Gents

The Scent of a Spy

Everyone knows that the ladies cannot resist an agent as women always fall for James Bond. That might be because of his looks, but surely his cologne also helps. A perfect outfit can only be completed with the perfect smell – so choose your scent wisely and do not go out with a cheap cologne. After that you are ready to go out. Somebody should tell the ladies to hold their breath, as these stag lads are irresistible.

Drive like a Secret Agent

Before going out in the evening, what better way to raise your heartrate than an exhilarating ride in a supercar?! James Bond always drives an Aston Martin, which is a high-end car that the majority of people can only dream of driving. A stag-do offers a once in a lifetime chance to drive that kind of car yourself and will for sure make the day unforgettable for car-enthusiasts. Look out for agencies near you that offer hourly rentals for high end cars and make sure you drink your Martini after getting in the car, not before.

Have a classy drink

After driving it is time to start the evening with a classy drink, such as a Martini, shaken not stirred. Head to a fancy rooftop bar and enjoy some cocktails in a beautiful atmosphere.

Go to the Casino

Just like in Casino Royale the stag-do should not miss a visit to the casino. End the night with a good game of poker or roulette – or both if you are feeling lucky. Head down to a casino where your outfits will bring a lot of attention and be appreciated properly. If you have never been to a casino before it helps to get yourself familiar with the rules before heading down. Online casinos like the Mr Green Online Casino offer the perfect opportunity to understand the rules of the casino and make you look like a pro before starting a game.

After all, enjoy your evening as James Bond and have fun – because that is what a stag-do is for.