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Taking his name from his self-described style of music, “suburban blues”, SUB BLUE offers a fresh take on chilled out, alternative introspective R&B. Following up his hypebeast inspired debut ‘Hype Like Supreme’, which caught fire online, the Merseyside based singer-songwriter delivers another scene setting song – giving a further insight into his world.

‘Range Rover’ features Sub Blue’s velvety smooth vocals over moody production as he laments on the challenges that him and his peers experience trying to make sense of their world where perception is often more important than truth and happiness is often represented by superficial things.

“The suburbs is a gated residential on the low, oh they know that we got money cos they see it on our clothes, This way of life ain’t never gonna change but we can cry riding round in a Range”

“I wrote this primarily to explain that even though it looks like surburbia is the perfect set up, in reality it is often the opposite”, says Sub Blue, “There’s pain here too, stemming from the fact we are locked in this cycle of trying, at all costs, to keep up appearances and meet abnormal expectations. Instead of dealing with some of this, we so often just hide behind our material things. This is reflected in the hook – like we will cry in pain while we apparently enjoy privilege.”

This thought-provoking yet easy to digest approach to his lyrics and content is already garnering the budding prospect acclaim for his ability to succinctly reflect the complexity of youth culture.

‘Range Rover’ is the first song take from his forthcoming EP, ‘Suburban View’, which delves into these themes even more. The EP is produced by the likes of Sir Dylan (Weeknd, Solange, Logic), A.V (Frank Ocean) and XamVolo, and is a glimpse at the life of teens trying to find their place in the world, while navigating peer and social pressure and trying to define their own voice.