Sub Blue – Take a Picture – Music Video

Taking his name from his self-described style of music, “suburban blues”, Sub Blue offers a fresh take on chilled out, alternative introspective R&B. With previously released singles being supported by BBC Radio 1Xtra, Complex, Notion, Earmilk and more, ‘Take A Picture’ is primed to push Sub Blue further into the national consciousness.

‘Take A Picture’ finds Sub Blue speaking about the ills of selfie and social media culture as well as narcissism over smooth mid—tempo electronic R&B production.

“It’s an exploration of the ills of social media, selfie nation and living a superficial lifestyle ”, Sub Blue says, “It’s as though if there’s no picture or proof online, it didn’t happen. And people will do anything to chase those cyber likes…even if it means representing themselves and their lives in an exaggerated way. I’m in this every day so I wanted to do my own take on it as I feel these are real issues we are dealing with.”
Sub Blue is both critical and complicit and it’s that, mixed with the top line production, smooth vocals and catchy melodies, that makes this the ultimate standout so far from this new artist.

‘Take A Picture’, was produced by acclaimed emerging producers A.V & Sir Dylan during a recent studio run while Sub Blue was in L.A. The two California-based producers – who between them have worked with the likes of Frank Ocean, Solange, The Weekend and many more – found a true creative vibe with the kid from North-West UK.
“‘Take A Picture’ came together pretty quickly – we had a co-writer named Jake Torrey and myself and Dylan just played some chords, added a guitar and made a chill island/ R&B beat” says A.V, as Sir Dylan continues, “Sub is a dope artist, always prepared, vocals always on point, and super easy to work with. He knows his sound and that makes it easy for us to create together”
The articulation of this song, which is pretty much a social commentary despite the seemingly light Urban Pop vibe, is refreshing and is another example of Sub Blue’s approach to his music – always thought-provoking yet easy to digest – which has quickly garnered the budding prospect acclaim for his ability to reflect the complexity of youth culture.