StereoDrama – The Ecuador Tour – exclusive Footage


StereoDrama is a Rockband from Germany (Karlsruhe) – motley, wacky guys with a singer from Ecuador who settled in Germany when he was a teenager.
2015 they made their long way to South America to experience this part of their roots.

They have seen things and experienced the culture that nobody ever had expected before: in one moment in the worst part of the area – in the next moment inside the most beautiful penthouse of the city.

In the afternoon on a big festival in the metropole – in the night another gig in a shady underground club, which no tourist ever would trust. Heat, culture shock or celebrating with native music bands – a steady back and forth between jetset and poverty.
Beach, city, jungle – too much impressions for a single journey.

Therefore the next journey follows in August 2017.
Family, friends, adventures, homeland, homesickness – Music!!

Some impressions of the tour in 2015: