Stay Cozy this winter in your new Must Have Cashmere Item!

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Every mens wardrobe should have some must have basics like a cool pair of sneakers, a white shirt to wear with your best suit and for the next fall – winter season a perfect tailored coat!

Designers all around the world presented some amazing designs in their fashion week shows – but honestly – who can afford a suit or coat for thousands of dollars? But is „cheap“ fast fashion the answer? Would it be satisfying to wear a Armani or Louis Vuitton or Versace look-a-like made of plastic fabric?

NO! So what is the best to do? Get some super high quality cashmere fabric – find a good tailor – or ask this nice aunt you should call more often or granny, buy some flowers and ask kindly to sew this amazing new it piece for you!

Big plus – this item is a real unique Haute Couture piece designed by you! Get inspired from creative designers and mix the best details to create your own Suit or coat – a all time favorite in your wardrobe! No need to buy a new winter coat every season, which will save you again loads of money!

But why cashmere? If you already know how cashmere feels on your skin you dont ask this questions – for those who are new to this amazing 100% natural material:

Because its cashmere! No seriously:

Cashmere is a beautiful and timeless material that keeps you warm and dry, you’ll love the texture, weight and warmth of this comfortable fabric — yet it’s still soft to the touch.

But where to find premium cashmere fabrics? Browse to find a huge amount of best quality materials. Also buttons, trimmings, accessories – all you need for your new item. Tissura has been selling luxury couture fabrics for 20 years. Buy fabrics by the leading European brands.

Oh – and if your new item is ready why dont you shoot a photo for us and tag us on Instagram so we can repost it:)