Spring/Summer 2018: 5 Style Tips for Him by Peter Minkoff


Are you getting ready for the fashion season which is just around the corner? Even though it’s only January, it is very clear what trends we are going to pay attention to in the spring/summer season, and may we say – there is something for everyone. Whether your style is eccentric or ordinary, this year will definitely cater to everyone’s needs and tastes. From Hawaiian shirts to futuristic glasses and eccentric footwear, 2018 will give us everything. Let’s take a look at the top five style tips for you or your guy this year:

Florals? For spring?


George Michael might not be with us anymore, but his huge hit Club Tropicana, drinks are free is never going to be forgotten. This year we could all enjoy a bit more of this song by wearing florals and Hawaiian shirts, as they are back in fashion and bolder than ever! The good thing is that by choosing this style you can never go wrong – you can either wear it casually or rock it Italian style buttoned-up -either way you’ll have yourself a look, and a good one, to be honest. If you’re looking for something fancier, there is the new Balenciaga collection which features strong floral prints for men.

Don’t be afraid of the future


Maybe the present is not how past generations imagined it, you know, flying cars and all. However, when it comes to fashion, we’re slowly getting there, and 2018 is the first step. Not only is this trend very popular in women’s fashion, it’s also featuring among guys, particularly in the eyewear section. Starting from oversized glasses, to reflective ones, geometric and visors, popular brands such as Max Mara, Dior and Celine have already placed their models online and you can look them up and purchase them anytime. So, if you’re courageous enough, feel free to get yourself a pair and see how you’ll feel about them. One thing is for certain – you won’t go unnoticed.


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Even though there are fewer new trends in the shoe department, there are some quite eccentric choices, such as the sock sneakers, or any sneakers with a futuristic slant. However, if we’re concentrating on the regular shoes, wearing Oxfords or ankle-deep shoes for formal events is going to remain the biggest hit. On the other hand, in casual situations, wearing good quality men’s Birkenstock shoes with ankle-length skinny jeans will be a very bold look for the spring and summer, and one that you just have to try out. The white sneaker will also continue its reign this year, and since it’s a piece of footwear we can match with practically everything, we’re quite thrilled about that.

Shearling on top


Fancy Jack Gyllenhaal’s jacket from Brokeback Mountain? Well, good for you because the shearling jackets are back this year, and they look amazing. However, it doesn’t matter if you have a no fur policy or not – the good thing is that the new shearling jackets are made from faux fur, but they still very thick and good-looking. According to Sam Middleton, the CEO of the men’s style concierge service The Chapar, “If, when you run your hand over the fabric of the collar, the hairs on the back of your hand stand on end, then take it as a sign to keep looking.” So equip yourself with one this spring, and get ready for all the compliments.

Bling bling


Get ready to wear the most eccentric rings ever! Even though only a few could pull this off in the past, the new season will bring so many new accessory styles that everyone will be wearing at least something. Be it silver pendants, brass knuckle rings or something else, it’s a matter of preference, but wearing metal as an outfit spice is definitely something we should expect to see.

Embrace some of these styles the following spring (if not all of them) and enjoy in all the astonished looks you receive. 2018 will definitely be different than all the previous years as it will feature the most amazing and unusual trends we’ve seen so far, and when that comes, be ready!