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Paris’ Solberjum pairs with Brazil’s Beowulf for a fiery new single on Dr. Shiver’s Art & Music recordings titled Dubai. Loaded with a weighty dancefloor punch and an iridescent sonic sheen, Dubai is sure to cause maximum impact on the dancefloors, in Dubai and beyond.

Have you ever looked at your teacher when she explains boring stuff or at your boss when he tells you you need to monetise more and thought: “Damn I wish I was in Dubai right now”. SAY NO MORE. Charts climber Solberjum and hits maker Beowülf will take you on a wild ride to the middle of the desert with a mixture of European and Brazilian vibes and a unique melody typical only of the city of gold.

Art & Music Recording is a record label, booking agency, publishing company and recording studio founded in 2002 by Dr. Shiver, CEO and partner together with Omar Zenzon.

The label’s focus on dance music, especially House, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, Future House, EDM, Pop Dance and Trap Music, place it as a world leading authority on electronic music.