Sofia Portanet – „Wanderratte“

Berlin’s new duchess of alternative pop Sofia Portanet releases her second single Wanderratte, bringing post punk and Neue Deutsche Welle into 2018 with her very own contemporary style.

Born in Berlin, raised in Paris and brought back to Berlin, Sofia proudly wears her classic German musical influences: „I like the repetitive and minimalistic side of German Krautrock bands such as Neu! and the musical arrangements, lyrics and sounds from German new wave bands such as Ideal, DAF and 80ies synth pop. I love and am truly inspired by the musical and visual craziness of French avant-garde pop bands such as Les Rita Mitsouko.“ Sofia has a special vocal style using classical and opera elements and mixing them with influences from Lene Lovich, Kate Bush and Edith Piaf. Wanderratte is the follow up to her debut single Freier Geist, from which has she created her own hype and attention.
Die Wanderratten is the title of a poem by German classic poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that influenced Sofia to write the lyrics for her new song, stating that her manner of wandering was through making music and traveling in her mind. Sofia says: „The song is about longing, looking for the unknown, the urge to depart and the joy of getting out of your ordinary life and losing yourself in a foreign land, meanwhile discovering and rediscovering your own personality.“