SKY COLOURED – ‚in the small hours‘

Alt-pop collective sky coloured release their second single ‘in the small hours’ from their EP inspired by the 1960s jazz and blues classics.

Led by vocalist Anthony T Jackson, the group features a collective of talented London jazz musicians, including trumpeter and Red Bull Music Academy alumni, Emma-Jean Thackray, guitarist Kai Carter and bassist Matt Gedrych.

Taking its name from Frank Sinatra’s LP ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’, the single reflects the hypocrisy surrounding the romanticised idea of male desire in the crooner idiom. Capturing an emotive tense moment, Anthony T Jackson’s chilling vocals glide over an eerie electronic buzz before peacefully fading.

Anthony explains: “It’s about watching porn, but it’s also specifically about the artificial and temporary sense of connection porn provides, drawing on the deep sense in pop song the yearning for love.”

Growing up in secluded religious institutions, Anthony spent the majority of his childhood growing up abroad as part of a strict Christian community. His limited exposure to pop music led to a fascination, which, upon his return to Britain, became a source of creativity and liberation for the young artist and an escape from the confines of a rigid moral universe.

‘In the small hours’ is another example of sky coloured’s wholly unique brand of traditional jazz and blues, paired with pop sensibilities and a clear-eyed perspective on modern life.