Simple Guide to Creating a Modern and Masculine Home by Cooper Klein

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The definition of manhood has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, instead of thinking about it as a unified concept and a uniformed design approach, a manly interior is whatever you want it to be. Masculinity is a subjective term, and rather than conforming to what society thinks is masculine, you should decorate your living environment the way you think a man should.

That being said, there are some time-tested masculine notes that can guide any man during the decorating process and help him create an interior that speaks to his masculine side, and portrays a manly image to the rest of the world. Here are some essential guidelines.

Create a foundation of masculinity

In the interior design world, colors matter. They play with our emotions and they set the tone of every room to serve a distinct purpose, such as having a great time in the living room, lounging and relaxing in the bedroom, or completely unwinding in the bathroom with an ice-cold beer in your hand, enjoying a rejuvenating bath.

In order to evoke a certain feeling and strike an emotional cord with the observer, the walls need to boast a certain hue. Every room will be different to a certain extent, but instead of going for overly bright or pastel colors, why not introduce that debonair vibe with a neutral foundation? Something like pure white or off-white, light grey, or even charcoal can really turn a monotonous setting into an elegant bachelor pad. Of course, you will need to decorate accordingly in order for a masculine setting to come to life.

Introduce a retro vibe

Shabby-chic is the new macho in interior design, and if you want to introduce that distinct note of masculinity into your living environment, you want to select a few key pieces of decor that don’t look like they’re exactly from this modern era. Retro decor is excellent for expressing the bold and tough within you, and you can start by introducing a single shabby-looking piece in every room.

In the kitchen, this can be a retro dining table with complementary chairs, while the living room could do with a retro radio, a gramophone, or an all-wood reading nook. Use this mindset to bring the masculine vibe in every other room in your home.

Comfort and elegance throughout the household

A manly man should not resemble a lumberjack. That is a social construct of the new age and real men should not identify with it. Instead, a real man is that and much more. A man is dressed to impress, he takes care of his body, and most of all, he is elegant in his demeanor and enjoys an elegant living environment.

This is exactly why you want to accentuate your living room and other spaces throughout the pad with unique focal points such as elegant couches and armchairs that exude a refined taste and a breath of masculinity. Be careful to choose timeless fabrics such as leather for a complete feeling of comfort and virility.

Stick with the manly materials

Speaking of timeless fabrics, there are certain materials that speak the manly language more than others. The industrial design approach that’s become oh-so popular in recent years is something that closely resembles this image, as it emphasizes the use of wood, leather and metal in its palette.
These materials are durable, they are simple in their design and unparalleled in their functionality – traits that every man should possess, among others. You can use wood for the floors, tables, and shelves, and then accentuate with leather upholstery before completing the look with metallic contrasts such as lighting.

Accentuate with symmetry and rectangular shapes

Last but not least, if you like oval shapes, go for it. Just know that there is something inexplicably masculine about a 90° angle that should define your living environment. Likewise, it’s important to know that the human eye loves and appreciates symmetry and form in a room, gravitating naturally towards a welcoming seating area that enjoys a distinctly geometric shape.

The sharp edges complemented by a symmetric seating arrangement will create a unified look throughout and emanate a feeling of security, strength, and confidence – so consider these features before buying a round coffee table for the living room.

Creating a modern, masculine home shouldn’t be a difficult task – simply follow your gut and trust your instincts, for the most part. When you do get stuck and are unsure if you’re making the manliest move possible, you can let these essential guidelines nudge you in the right direction.

Credits: Cooper Klein is a cool, bearded dad from Sydney. He’s currently working from home as a blogger for Smooth Decorator and several online magazines. You can find him on Twitter.