SIF x SKAE – new Single „Pretty Lady“

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The duo grew up near each other and were friends from an early age. They each started successful careers separately – Sif starred on Degrassi and Skae became a sought after photographer. They reconnected in 2016 and realized they both shared a similar passion for music and began recording together.

Quote from the band:
“We’ve all been there. ‘There’ being- nowhere near the person your in love with. So if they can’t live in your house with you, I guess there’s at least somewhere you can keep them besides your heart. ‘Hey pretty lady, who lives in my phone. This song captures the definition of “Trying to make it work”. From the sonic progression, the deep instrumentation, the candid relatable verses– to the anxious vocal chopping; we all know how loving someone from far away can make you feel”

Now they’re prepping their EP for release. It’s a collection of songs full of movement and energy with memorable hooks.