Shawn Kerr – „Creature“

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„The Creature represents the Ego and how it can get in the way of your development. 

It can seem like quite an uncomfortable venture to dive into yourself and see what you want to change, but I’ve found that so much of my happiness comes from some form of letting go.

I wanted to write a song about what it feels like to let go of negative routines and develop more positive ones that cultivate who you really want to be.

I envisioned the music video for “Creature” from the POV of someone in the thick of ego dissolution. I want you to feel like you’re on a mental adventure while trekking through a forest with no real sense of physical direction. You’re too focused on the process in your mind to move in a linear fashion, so things get distorted and a little funky along the way. 

My Coming To EP is out on September 27th, and includes “Creature” alongside three brand new songs. Hope you like what you hear!“