Schofield introduces the Daymark


The Daymark is a completely new Schofield watch. Built from the ground up with components and design elements never seen before in prior models. It is our first foray into a non-limited ‘house’ model that represents Schofield Watch Company in its entirety.

A Daymark is an Aid to Navigation, a structure that is much like a lighthouse but without a light. It continues our British coastal styling and symbolises a permanent structure, a beacon and a trusted friend. Schofield owner Giles Ellis explains; “The Daymark is our new landmark and the least niche watch we have manufactured to date. The movement, refinements in the case, new hand set and symmetrical dial, as well as colours chosen to reflect inclement British weather, make it particularly handsome.” A robust daily-wearing watch that maintains the subtlety and detail for which Giles Ellis’ work is well known. Legibility in all light conditions, usability and wearability are essential but also an austere aesthetic.

Daymark crown side HRABOUT SCHOFIELD



At the outset Schofield Watch Company was not a commercial venture, but a personal endeavour carried out by one man who wanted to design and build a luxury watch to his own style and requirements. The company evolved as the project grew in scale. Giles’s obsession with detail ensured that the design process encompassed not only the watches but also the accessories, packaging, graphics, websites, photography and an endless chorus of variables that go into the creation of something that is made with passion and vision. The company prides itself on the subtle, understated and precise design behind its products. Within this field Giles has given numerous seminars and motivational talks to universities, groups and private businesses.