Saranya „Liv-Berty“ – Exclusive Designer Interview

Name Brand: Liv-Berty
Name Designer: Saranya Tosriprasert
Established: 2011

Kind of Style: Street Underground

Instagram: @livberty

1. Please discribe yourself and your brand and its evolution in the past seasons.

I love the energy of youth. I feel fun, creative, bounless. I want to put them in my brand.

It contains moods of YOUTHFUL & VIBRANTLY FIERCE. Each collection will has its own concept. I love to put details into each collection. Letting the cloth bearers to convey the message through their outlooks. Liv-Berty is how you live your life without bounded.

2. Best and toughest part of designing a menswear collection.

I always hold on with Unisex. In this era where everyone notice about the equality of male and female. But at the same time, we’re struggling with it to let men and women to open up to freedom of dressing up. I don’t mind the mainstream, but mainstream makes people afraid of being different. And makes them automatically catagerise some fashions are for women only.

3. What sources of inspiration are your biggest influence?

Normal people who love dressing up with strong characters around the world. I love surfing into instagrams and check out those people. They are not celebrities but they know what they can convey the styles through their outfits. They are real and we can see them on streets not TV.

4. What was your favorite collection so far?

I can’t choose really. They’re all my love!

5. How much of your success do you credit to the education you had?

I didnt educated from fashion. So for me it’s like i took a detour to earn experiences by my own of how to do stuffs. I don’t have knowledge or strings in the fashion society. So I had to work harder and earn credits and friends and more by myself. And I’m so proud of it. Also, appreciated to all the people who gave oppotunities. (Included to Chris of Twisted Male Magazine)

6. What genre of music best describes your collection?

For the recent collection: Electronic, retrowave, and a little punk

7. How do you choose your models for your shows and campaigns?

I don’t choose real professtional models. I choose normal people who has bold character. They don’t have to be so tall. Because i design my cloth for normal people not models. I really hope to see people enjoy dressing up with their own.

8. Do you have any favorite male models?

Nope. My bad. Sorry

9. Where do you plan to take your brand next?

I’d like to expand to more and more people around the world to see it as much as I can.

10. Beside fashion – do you have any special talents?

I like cooking so much. And my parttime job is being a bartender in Bangkok. I’m enjoying as much as fashion.