Sara Diamond latest single ‘Stay A Little’


„I started singing when I was super young. After singing for my mom’s children’s record label, KIDZUP, at around 4 (or 5?). I was completely enamoured. I told my parents in September of 2008 that “by next year, I’m going to be living in LA”. They laughed, and it probably went in one ear, out the other. But I was convinced, and determined. Fast forward a few months, and I was the newest member of The Clique Girlz. The girl group lasted for about 3 months… but we had met some cool people and decided to stay in LA for a bit. A bit turned into 18 months. But as a 14 year old girl from Montreal, the LA life was a lot to digest. The following 15 months were filled with a ton of broken promises, rejections, and half-met dreams.

I told myself that if I ever wanted to sing again, to just remember what it felt like to be there and force myself to make decisions based upon my love of music and NOTHING else.“

„My latest single ‘Stay A Little’, exemplifies a step in the new direction. I want to give as much as possible. Sing wherever possible. Contribute wherever and whenever possible.  The music isn’t about if it fits my brand. It’s about if it fits my values. If it is coming from a place of love. This roller coaster has driven me to want to make more music, and share it with people who need a helping hand along their own journey. Now, the most important aspects of my life are love, community, sustainability, and wonder. Because life is a gift. And I want to appreciate it as much as I can.

Xx (I’m from Montreal- double cheek kisses are a thing!)“