ROMBAUT – S/S 20 Paris Presentation – Dysmorphia

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As we head into climate week and the world grows increasingly aware of the state of our ecological and climate crisis, vegan accessory brand ROMBAUT ventures into the world of heels with the release of the “Dysmorphia” collection. The sexy orthopaedic-inspired sneaker heels are yet another step in the creative director and founder Mats Rombaut’s quest for improving the fashion industry through “ugly shoe” hybrids.

“It’s no secret I feel pain just from existing in today’s world. Maybe that’s what attracts me to medical footwear, a sense of healing,” Mats Rombaut explains. “The [fashion] world can use a lot of improvement: I put all my hope on the biochemists, material engineers and developers to come up with man-made materials that leave no trace behind.”

Following on the back of other innovative hybrids like ROMBAUT’s Boccaccio Cowboy Sneaker, the “Dysmorphia” heels take ROMBAUT’s “ugly shoe” game to new sustainable heights with a removable steel heel and biodegradable outsoles made from Apinat Bio (a biodegradable thermoplastic). As with all ROMBAUT items, the collection is gender neutral. “Since the beginning I wanted my brand to be forward-thinking and present utopic ideas, that’s why gender was never really a topic,” explains Mats Rombaut. “Heels are typically linked to female dressing, but we make them in both small and big sizes.”

The designs range from utilitarian-looking sandals to cowboy boot heels to thigh-high velvet heels in colors representing a geological heat map. The new models have already been worn over Summer by Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Jorja Smith, Sita Abellan and Kelsey Lu. Selected Dysmorphia heels will be available next week, with the rest becoming available in March 2020.