Rex Domino shares new track + video ‚Haitian Landmass‘


Rex Domino released his debut EP ‚God’s Teeth‘ on 27th May via Moosehead International Airport / Believe Digital.

Following acclaim on the first single Sam’s Spoon, Rex and Co follow up with an emotionally charged bass poetry tune Haitian Landmass. The song is an allegory on the mechanics of alienation and radicalisation based on real observations made in Rex’s hometown of Portsmouth. Portsmouth’s contrast of rightwing extremism and recent history of Wahhabi radicalisation amongst the young muslim community inspired this dark cinematic track. The bass heavy glitch oriented production of Jitter Jazz’s Polar Kid & Stanky perfectly matches the somber words. The video is set on the beach and abandoned military base in Portsmouth. The disorienting aesthetic conveys the mess and trauma involved in the narrative of the song. A dark hard to comprehend wash of madness with Rex performing what appear to be his final words.

rex domino