PILLARS releases new single „Honest People“


“I’m here to tell you a personal story.” This honesty and vulnerability sits at the heart of the music of PILLARS, the soulful 23-year-old artist making her mark in the world of electronic music and the blogosphere. She drops the title-track to her brand new EP ‚Honest People‘ on 11 October.

Inspired by the Christian pillarists who spent time in the mountains on a journey of self discovery, secluded from the rest of society, PILLARS’ own voyage – moving from quiet Lancaster in the north west of England to the chaos of the capital – led to her own period of isolation and self realisation. “I was hiding myself away from the crazy world that is London, discovering new things about my musicianship.”

Shedding her past as an acoustic singer-songwriter, she developed her first home studio set up. “Suddenly I realised there was this whole other world of electronic music that I could dig my teeth into. Coming from an acoustic background, having had no influence from the electronic world, I dove into the world of production blind. What was really exciting was that I came out sounding like…me.”

It was a challenging time, as she came to terms with a diagnosis of anorexia, but music was PILLARS’ remedy – an outlet and escape during her recovery and darkest moments. During this time she met producer David Jones at the Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch, east London. The collaboration resulted in her new EP, Honest People, an intimate account of experiences with mental health, with each song written at a different stage in PILLARS’ recovery. After a spell of creative block, out of nowhere came the EP’s hard-hitting title track, Honest People. “It’s about me opening up and becoming completely honest with myself, admitting I had a problem and facing it head on.”

An enigmatic artist who until now described herself as “very dark, very cold”, the EP marks a new beginning for PILLARS, and for fans too. You’ll catch a glimpse of her elusive face for starters. “I’ll be opening up a lot more and drawing a line under that time in my life.” Looking to the future heralds a bolder, resilient aesthetic pervading all aspects of her artistry. The musical renaissance of PILLARS is under way.

PILLARS_HonestPeople_Single Art_FINAL