The extreme physical effort and what comes right after, integrated into a whole. The great outdoors as a state of mind, rock climbing through the city, or outside of it. A hint of raving.

Palm Angels continues its exploration of American cultural tropes, which are dissected, hybridized and fertilized in unexpected ways to grow into new species of clothing. Strong frictions spark bold outcomes: that’s the byword.

Function is taken to extreme, as hyper technical fabrics, neoprenes and nylons are mixed with lo-tech corduroys and sheer tartans. Transparencies, three-dimensional patches and prismatic applications highlight the high performance lab-like feel, which is offset by naturalistic motifs: prints of eagles flying high, prairie flowers. Fluoro brights further stress the synthetic mood. Hand painted dripping blotches capture the gesture of physical effort. Shapes are straightforward, with extreme volumes: elongated sleeveless work jackets, boxy jumpers and blousons, straight trousers. For women, a demure silhouette – nipped waist, round to-the-knee skirt – is transmogrified in futuristic nylons. Velcro-strap sneakers run fast.

For this collection, a special collaboration has been developed with Under Armour, purveyors of hi-tech gear that makes athletes perform and recover better. The Palm Angels x Under Armour Collection featuring UA Recovery Technology brings Palm Angels cross-referencing approach in technical field, delivering hoodies, joggers, shorts and t-shirt that will help recover faster, making partying and living easier.